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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Naughty Confessions - Part One

Yesterday, I had lunch with my girlfriends and, after a few drinks, they began indulging in some very interesting stories.  My best friend Amanda* told a very fascinating story that I simply had to share with you.

You see, when Amanda met John*, they were in high school.  They were sweethearts and soon after completing her degree in business, John proposed. 

"I loved my fiance` and knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but I felt I owed it to myself to experiment, just once, before the wedding," she told me.  "And by going the 'professional' route, it made it OK in my mind."

By professional, Amanda meant that she hired a male escort for a couple of hours, six weeks before her wedding.  I was a little shocked when she confessed this, but when Amanda told me that she had lost her virginity to John and he was the only man she had ever been with, I could see her reason for wanting to try something (or someone as the case may be) new.

Amanda contacted an agency and chose the guy (Dave*) from photos she had seen on the site.  "It was as simple as using my credit card (discreetly) and picking a 'venue'.  I chose a large inner city hotel and didn't give myself a chance to change my mind, although I will admit that right up to the last minute, I wasn't sure if I could go through with it," she said.

She told me she booked the room for overnight and the guy for two hours, so that way, if she wasn't happy with him, she could send him home. 

She giggled when I quizzed her for more details.  "I wasn't sure what to do, so I went with what I saw on TV.  You know, having a bubble bath, slipping on a robe and having a glass of wine.  There was no pressure to dress up or look amazing because for once it was about my needs, not anyone else's."

"Dave was on time and although he wasn't my type - with blond hair and blue eyes - he had an amazing body and seemed to be really sweet.  He had a quick shower and then asked me to lie face-down on the bed.  I was more nervous then I looked, but he took things really slowly.

'It was so different to what I was use to with John - everything felt new and erotic.  He started massaging my feet and calves, gradually moving higher and all the time asking if what he was doing was OK.  I was turned on despite my uncertainty and decided to just enjoy myself.  He worked his hands higher and higher and started to touch me through my G-string.  He made me really wet and went well beyond being nervous.  He asked me to turn over and remove my robe, then slowly he pulled my thong down.  He spread my legs and took his towel off, and I could see he was really ready for it too, which made it so much hotter and me so much wetter!  He put his fingers inside me and licked my clit gently. 

'I was so desperate to have him inside me.  So when he stopped what he was doing long enough to put on a condom, I was more then ready to jump his bones. 

'He pulled my legs apart and entered me slowly, still rubbing my clit with his wet thumb.  His technique was great - as expected.  I raised my legs so he could go deeper and he started thrusting faster and faster, but I knew he wouldn't come until I did, so I just had to let myself go.  When I was about to come, he started rubbing my clit faster and really slamming into me.  It felt so good and I came really hard, and loud, which is unusual for me.  He stopped to let me recover a little, then started moving in and out again with his finger back on my clit, all the while breathing really heavily.  He panted that he was going come and he wanted me to come again - this time with him.  That, and what he was actually doing, was enough to bring on another orgasm.  It was all so fabulously sexy and really liberating.

'We lay still for a few minutes and I couldn't believe that two hours had passed so quickly, although I think back now, most of it was foreplay.  I felt a little uncomfortable while he had another shower and got dressed, but he was a professional and gave me a quick kiss goodbye and thanked me before leaving."

Six weeks later Amanda and John married.  Seven years later, they are still married with two very handsome sons.

When asked if she had any regrets, Amanda shook her head.  "It's a fond memory, but I don't think I'd have urge to do it again.  But I like the fact that it's my special little secret." 

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