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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From The Heart

I'm distant because I don't know
How to act around you
I want you more then air
But you've hurt me before and
I'm afraid you'll do it again
My heart aches for you and
Every day that we're apart
I long for you more
I want to curl up in your arms
And have you tell me every thing's alright
As your hand runs through my hair
I put up these walls as protection
Because I've seen what a heart break
Can do to me
You were the first person I ever loved
You were the reason for my smile
You were the sunshine among the gloomy clouds
That was my life
And now we don't speak as often
But when we do
It doesn't have the same passion
Or intensity
I touched the fire and it freezes me
The orange flames are now black
And now I want the passion
The intensity and the fire back
I want to feel you beside me
Your skin against mine
I want to wake up with you
Your dark eyes lighting up when you see me
But this is only a dream
A lovely dream that I don't want to wake from
Because in my dreams we are forever
And pain ceases to exist


  1. Sounds like you're dealing with a broken heart. Either way, nice piece. I hope this guy realizes what a great girl he has and that he never breaks your heart again

  2. Sometimes you have to lose what you think you want, to find what you truly need

  3. So simple and yet so moving. You just need to tell this guy "I don't care about your past, all I want to know if there's a place for me in your future"
    If he says yes, then you've got a keeper. If he hesitates and stutters, kick his ass to the curb.