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Sunday, June 10, 2012

13 Fun Facts About Rhiannon Irons: Horror Movie Edition

Greetings gentle readers,

You'd think by now I'd be running out of fun facts about our favorite Aussie author, but the truth of the matter is, I've only just unveiled the tip of the iceberg.  And now I return with a special edition on Rhiannon Irons and her love of horror movies.

Some of these facts you may know.  Some you might not.  Either way, it's a fun list.



13) When it comes to death scenes, Rhiannon is a firm believer of 'less is more' and that not showing everything on screen can be more terrifying then seeing everything.  Quote, "The human mind can create scarier scenes than Hollywood at times.  But not showing everything on screen it allows our imaginations to get away from us and create some gruesome deaths for the victims."

12) Rhiannon loves her slasher movies.  Her knowledge of slashers is second to none to the point that she often jokes that Ghostface from the Scream series would have to kill her out of sheer boredom.

11) We all know that Rhiannon is not a fan of remakes, but did you know she's also not fan of mass sequels.  Quote, "One or two sequels is fine.  But when it gets to eight, nine, ten, it becomes a bit too much.  It becomes more about money rather than quality and tends to damage the franchise."

10) When asked what horror franchise should have stopped after part two, Rhiannon agrees with her Truly Disturbing family.  Quote, "Saw, Candyman and Hellraiser."

9) We all know that Rhiannon had written, and starred in, her own horror movie when she was 15 entitled Slayed.  She also wrote a sequel in which she was killed.  Quote, "My character was promiscuous, and while she was getting ready to make her own sex tape with a guy she had hooked up with at a party, he was killed.  When she entered the room, she was strangled on film.  That piece of film came in handy in part three as it held a very important clue as to the killer's true identity."

8) For Rhiannon, the scariest thing about a horror villain is when they have no motive.

7) Rhiannon grew up in the 90's.  Her favourite 90's horror movies are Scream, Disturbing Behavior, The Faculty and The Dentist.

6) Rhiannon prides herself on her horror movie collection.  However, she doesn't own any of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies...yet.

5) Rhiannon feels that modern day horror is too focused on how many people they can kill as opposed to building a storyline that generates interest.  She feels that the last character and storyline building film was Scream 4.  Quote, "While I don't particularly like Scream 4, I respect what Wes did with the franchise.  He gave us characters that we loved and hated, gave us something to relate to and above all captured our attention.  No one since then has managed to do that successfully."

4) There is one horror movie that still confuses the hell out of Rhiannon in who the killer really was.  That film is Ripper: A Letter From Hell.

3) We all know that Rhiannon Irons prides herself on her writing, especially what she writes for Truly Disturbing.  We also all know she is in charge of the Horror Icon Of The Month articles that feature online.  Who is her ideal Horror Icon?  Quote, "I can't go past Robert Englund, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Anthony Perkins and Johnny Depp for the men.  For the ladies, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Danielle Harris, Dee Wallace and Sarah Michelle Gellar get my vote."  Out of those ten names, Rhiannon has currently written about five of those icons.  (The Anthony Perkins one does not currently feature on Truly Disturbing, but rather is located on this blog)

2) What type of horror movies scare Rhiannon the most?  Quote, "Shark movies give me nightmares, but only if they're done well and don't look too fake.  Otherwise, movies that involve spiders and snakes have me running for the door."

1) Inspired by 2003's Freddy Vs. Jason, Rhiannon recently threw her horror hat into the ring and placed Halloween's Michael Myers up against Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees in a battle to the death.  Before that she had Jason verse Victor Crowley of Hatchet fame and Leprechaun verses The Djinn from Wishmaster.  So, which two villains are next heading for a Horror Dome showdown? Quote, "I'm lining up the dream demon, himself, Freddy Krueger, against the guardian of Hell, Pinhead.  Place you bets."

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