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Friday, June 22, 2012


Somedays I feel so trapped
Pressured into saying yes
When all I want to say is no.

Somedays life passes before me
So quickly
That I feel I've missed out on something.

Somedays I just want to end it all
Knowing that things couldn't get worse
Once I'm gone.

Somedays I cry myself to sleep
Wishing that you were here
Keeping me safe.

Somedays I feel so invisible
That I could shout from the rooftops
And still not be heard.

Somedays I wish I could travel through time
And return to a simpler place
Where I was happy.

Somedays I answer you with one word sentences
Because I don't know how to respond
And I feel that if I said more an argument would begin.

Somedays I wake up
And feel like the luckiest girl in the world
Because I have you by my side.

Somedays I smile
And the whole world seems brighter
Even just for a moment or two.

Somedays I look back at yesterday
Remembering how we laughed
And I can't help but grin.

Because of you and how you make me feel
I can say goodbye to somedays
And say hello to the future.

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