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Friday, June 1, 2012

Vanity by Jason Reynolds

You seem so fixated on looks
All the time
Do you not see
You seem so fixated on looks
I want to scream
It's not everything
I'm not a beautiful person
But my heart sings for you
You seem so fixated on weight
It's sad to see
Your beauty is everything about you
You cannot seem to see
Or even understand
That all I see is you
You seem fixated on stretchmarks
but I can't understand
They're as beautiful as you are
You seem fixated on pain
You're looking everywhere
For some kind of praise
No matter the words I say to you
You look at me as if I'm mad
You seem fixated on things
That may not be
The love I have for you is real
Reflected in my eyes
For everyone to see
You really love her they say
As I try to deny
But my eyes betray me
They tell me it's there
You see everything else
Do you not see me
Sunlight shines and here
The stone lies

1 comment:

  1. Wow that's powerful. Where did you find this? Is it published? Great poem.