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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pretty Woman

Rachel awoke from her sleep.  She wasn’t sure of how long she was out for.  After a weeklong sex marathon she was exhausted.

Rolling over, she expected to see Nate, her lover, lying beside her.  The bed was empty.

Sitting up, Rachel gripped the sheets, looking around, calling out for him.  There was no response.

Kicking the covers off, Rachel stood up, her feet feeling the warmth of the carpet.  She walked out into the kitchen and living areas.  Nate was nowhere to be seen. 

She called him again, walking around the small suburban house.  She was completely naked with the exception of the small leather collar that was wrapped around her neck.  Last night she was his slave.  Or at least she was until she had fallen asleep.

Now she was just confused and he was missing.

She wandered back to the bedroom, fingering the small D ring on the front of her collar.  Where was he?  She sat at the foot of the bed and pouted.  She glanced at the ensuite.  Something on the mirror caught her eye.

Rachel hurried into the small bathroom off the master bedroom.  She smiled when she realized he had left her a note.  Written in bright red lipstick on the mirror was ‘
Take the key that’s in the top drawer of my bedside table and open the locked closet.  Put on what is inside, do your hair and make-up accordingly then a car will arrive to take you to the next place.

Hurrying back into the bedroom, Rachel moved around to his side of the bed.  Sure enough, in the top drawer, was a small key.  Attached to the key was a note, reminding her to leave her collar at home. 

Excitement mounted as Rachel opened the locked closet.  As she pulled the doors open, she gasped.  Inside was a stunning floor-length red gown, matching shoes, elbow length satin gloves and what she could only imagine was a jewellery box.

She picked up the box.  Carefully, Rachel opened it.  She gave a squeal of delight when she saw the diamond necklace and matching earrings.  She touched it, feeling the smoothness and the coolness of the diamonds.  Closing the box Rachel tried to imagine what Nate was up too.

Removing her collar and discarding it onto the bed, Rachel decided to take a quick shower first.  The warm water ran over her curvaceous body, trickling down over her already sensitive nipples until they were hard as the diamonds that lined the necklace.

Using a mango scented body lotion, Rachel scrubbed herself clean.  Her milky white skin was smooth, creamy.  She was proud of the way she looked.  Her breasts were large and perky and her stomach was taut, decorated by a dangling bellybutton ring that glistened whenever the light caught it.  Her hips and her ass were, as Nate would say, perfection.  Curvy, firm, pert.

She turned off the water and climbed out of the shower, wrapping a fluffy white towel around her.  She quickly dried herself before spraying her favourite perfume on her wrists and long, swan-like neck.

Rachel returned to the bedroom, dropping the towel to the ground as she put on the white lace panties that were situated at the bottom of the locked closet. 

“Hmm,” she said, pulling every item out.  “No bra.”

She ran her hand down the dress, feeling the fabric. 

Carefully she slipped the dress on, zipping it up.  One look in the mirror told her while Nate didn’t place a bra in the closet.  The dress was form fitting, showing off every curve she had.  The split up the side showed over her long, toned legs, while the bust showed off her ample cleavage.

She returned to the bathroom to do her make-up before slipping the long white satin gloves on.  She touched the diamonds with her hand.  They looked too expensive for her to wear.  Biting her lower lip, Rachel unclasped the necklace, placing it around her neck.  She was surprised at how heavy it was.  Once it was fastened, she put the earrings in.

She had just slipped her feet into the heels Nate had left her when she heard a horn.  Glancing out the window, Rachel gasped.  A stretch black limo had pulled up out the front of the house.

It took her five minutes to rush out the front door to where the driver was standing, holding open the limo door for her. 

“What’s going on?” she asked, as he greeted her with a tilt of his hat.

“I can’t say, ma’am,” he said, ushering her inside.  “Mr. McGuire’s orders.”  With that he closed the door.

As the limo pulled away, Rachel glanced out the window.  Through the suburbs and into the city they drove.  Rachel watched as people passed by, clearly wondering if she was someone famous who was in town.

Turning down Hamilton Street, Rachel’s eyes lit up.  This was the rich part of town.  Diamonds weren’t a novelty here.  They were expected.  She saw women in fur coats lining the streets, walking their prized pooches, while the men looked dapper in their three piece suits.  Surely the driver must have taken a wrong turn.  There’s no way Nate would be at this end of town.

The limo came to a stop outside the Waterfront, the most expensive and exclusive hotel in the entire city.  It was world famous, with stars and government dignitaries flocking to it like it was an open bar.  Rachel was in awe as the driver opened the door.

“Ma’am, we have arrived,” he told her, holding out his hand to her.  Rachel felt awkward as she climbed out of the limo, being careful not to trip in her floor-length dress.

A small crowd had gathered, whispering among themselves that she must be a famous movie star.  “I bet she’s the new Bond girl,” one woman whispered.

“No, she’s in that new Calvin Klein ad,” said another.

Rachel felt like a million dollars as she entered the lobby.  She stared at the ceiling, her mouth open as she took in the site of gold and marble fittings that surrounded her.

“Ms. Richards?”

Rachel turned around, her blue-green eyes sparkling.  “Yes?”

A tall, lanky, man smiled.  “I am Mr. Bernard Thompson, concierge.  Mr. McGuire is expecting you in the penthouse.”

“The penthouse?”  Rachel didn’t believe she heard him correctly.  “What would Nate be doing in the penthouse?”

Mr. Thompson smiled.  “Mr. McGuire is a very fine client.  We do our best to keep him happy,” he said, taking her by the elbow and leading her towards the elevators. 

The elevator door slid open and a young man popped his head out.  “Take Ms. Richards to the penthouse,” Mr. Thompson said.  The young man nodded, holding out his hand.  Rachel accepted his hand and let him pull her into the elevator.

A short ride later, they arrived at the top floor of the hotel.  The doors slid open and Rachel stepped out.

She walked to the penthouse door and pressed the doorbell.  She could hear it chime throughout the hotel room.  What was Nate planning?

The door opened, and there stood Nate, dressed to the nines in a three-piece navy blue suit with a crisp white long sleeved shirt.

“Enjoy your little surprise?” he asked teasingly as she strolled past him to the luxury suite.  Rachel shot him a look of disbelief as her eyes scanned the marvel of the most expensive room in the whole city.

“This is amazing,” she said breathlessly as she took in the site of the bedroom and its king size bed.

Nate smiled, adjusting his tie.  “You can marvel at it later.  We have reservations for dinner then we’re catching the show in the grand theatre.”


Nate nodded.  “Tom Jones is performing and I know there’s no way in Hell you’d miss that.”

Rachel felt her excitement mount as Nate took her arm and lead her back out to the elevator.

They arrived in the restaurant and were immediately seated at a table near the large aquarium.  Rachel could feel the stares of the other patrons as Nate pulled out her chair for her.  “People are staring,” she told him.

Nate just grinned.  “Are they?  Hmm, maybe it’s because they’re all jealous.  Women want to be you and the men want to be me.”

Rachel could feel her cheeks burn, and was grateful when the waiter bought them the menu. 

Once they had ordered, Rachel felt Nate’s hand slide under the table, touching her knee.  His fingers caressed her soft flesh, tracing small circles over it.

“Nate, stop.  People can see,” she hissed, her eyes darting around the crowded room.

Nate simply smiled.  “No one is paying attention,” he told her, his hand boldly moving up over her thigh.  Rachel slapped his hand away, shooting him a warning glance with her eyes.

His smile broadened, but he moved his hand away.  He’d have plenty of chances to get under that dress later.  Right now, he wanted food.

They ate their meal, their feet intertwining under the fancy linen covered table before making their way to the grand theatre.  They were shown to their seats and Nate was pleasantly surprised that when Rachel sat down, her leg was exposed by the slit in the dress.

Just like in the restaurant, his hand sat proudly on her knee before snaking up her thigh, feeling her muscles tense as he rubbed his hand over her tingling flesh.

As the lights dimmed, Nate’s hand slid higher up her thigh, his fingertips touching the lace of her panties.  Rachel’s breath hitched as she felt one of his fingers press against her, teasing her clitoris through her underwear.

Much to Nate’s surprise, she didn’t slap his hand away, but rather shifted in her seat, parting her legs a little, to allow him better access.  Grinning to himself, Nate playfully stroked her pussy, feeling her panties dampen with each touch of his finger.  What a saucy little minx she was.

At intermission, Rachel excused herself and made her way to the bathroom.  A couple of ladies greeted her with smiles and a polite “Hello,” but Rachel could tell they were still trying to work out who she was.

Locking herself in a cubical, Rachel reached up under her dress and removed her panties.  They were damp from Nate’s previous attention, and the fact that she was watching the ultimate sex idol up close and personal.

Stuffing them into her small clutch purse, Rachel smoothed down her dress and exited the bathroom, pausing to check her reflection.  She still looked like a million bucks which made her smile broaden.

Nate smiled as she returned, watching closely as she sat down, her dress parting, her leg on full display.  His hand immediately roamed back to her knee, stroking it with his thumb and forefinger. 

He caught her eye and did a double take.  There was an usual twinkle shining through and her smile was a little seductive.

She bit her plump bottom lip as his fingers trailed higher up her leg, feeling her soft, supple skin.

When his fingers reached the centre of her heat, his eyes widened just as the lights dimmed.  That cheeky minx had removed her panties.  It was a nice surprise.  It was even nicer to know that she was wet and waiting for him to explore her body.

As Tom Jones broke into What’s New Pussycat, Nate’s finger plunged into Rachel’s waiting pussy.  He heard her stifle a moan of pleasure as his fingers were coated in her excitement.

Rachel squirmed in her seat as Nate slid a second finger into her.  She was certain the people around her could sense what they were doing.  And with the way she felt at that particular moment, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to sit through the remainder of Tom Jones’ show.

For the next half hour, both Nate and Rachel willed the show to hurry up.  Once the curtain fell, they scrambled over seats to get out.  Rachel may have been able to hide her excitement behind a form-fitting gown, but Nate was having trouble concealing his erection.

They got into the elevator and willed it to hurry up.  Nate placed his hands on Rachel’s waist, feeling her body tense as he touched her.  He could smell her arousal mixed with her perfume.  It was only a matter of minutes before he’d have her spread on the bed as he pounded into her.

The elevator came to a stop and they got out.  Nate fumbled around in his pocket for the room key.  He held it with a shaking hand as he tried to swipe it in the door.  It took three attempts but he finally managed to open the door.

Rachel brushed past him, her luscious ass bumping against his erection.  Nate couldn’t take it anymore and pushed her against the wall, kissing her deeply, their tongues intertwining with passion. 

His hands roamed over her body, feeling her nipples harden as he brushed over her breasts.  Her desire seeped down her thighs as Nate held her tight.  His erection pressed against her stomach with such force that she winced.

He pulled away, dropping to his knees and hooking one of her legs over his shoulder as his tongue licked her smooth pussy from top to bottom.

Rachel groaned, her eyes closing, her satin gloved hands sliding over her dress, feeling her body respond to Nate’s manipulations.

Nate’s tongue slid up and down her pussy, picking up all the juices that seeped from it.  Occasionally, he brushed it over her clitoris causing small tremors to pass through her as well as a moan of pure pleasure to escape from her lips.

Rachel’s hips rocked against him, grinding against his mouth, subtly hinting that she wanted his tongue to probe the depths of her being.  He obliged, his tongue parting her lips and sliding deep inside her.

Rachel’s eyes closed, her head fell back as her first orgasm for the night surfaced.  She shook uncontrollably and was thankful that Nate was holding her firmly.

Her legs turned to jelly.  Nate pulled away after giving her clit one farewell lick.  His hands were still holding her waist, preventing her from melting into a puddle of joy and arousal.

With one swift motion he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.  He laid her down, his hands purposefully gliding over her ample chest, feeling her nipples respond to his touch.

Rachel sat up as Nate’s hands glided over her shoulders and neck, unzipping the dress.  The scent of her mango scented body wash flooded his nostrils as he exposed her body by peeling the dress off, discarding it to the plush carpet of the penthouse bedroom.

Wearing only her satin gloves and high heels, Rachel watched as Nate moved down to her feet, kissing them, his tongue tickling the skin as he took off her shoes.  He then proceeded to move up her body, kissing her bare flesh.

He stopped when he got to her pubic mound, opting to sit up and remove his jacket, tie and vest.  Rachel wiggled restlessly on the bed as Nate undressed.  When he finally got to his pants, he saw lust spring to her eyes.

With a gloved hand, she unzipped him, freeing him to the cool air.  Her tongue teased the tip of his throbbing cock, swirling over the sensitive head, feeling it pulse in her mouth.

Nate’s eyes rolled back in his head as she continued to tease and torment him the way he had while she was watching Tom Jones.

She sucked him into her mouth, her gloved hand sliding up and down his ridged shaft, gliding smoothly over it, causing new sensations for him.

He let Rachel continue for a few more minutes, then with a God-like effort, he pulled her off, rolling her onto her stomach.  Rachel let out a surprised cry as Nate grasped her hips firmly in his hands and sank into her moist heat with one quick thrust.

The urgency between the two mounted as Nate pounded into her, his balls slapping against her.  Rachel pressed her ass back against him, moans of pleasure escaping her pouted lips.  Her body craved him to take her hard and fast. 

Reaching between her legs, Rachel began to rub her throbbing clit with her gloved hand.  The satin texture of it caused mini tremors to shoot through her body. 

Nate gritted his teeth.  He could feel her muscles clenching at him.  Sweat trickled down his nose, falling onto her back as he continued to thrust into her quivering body.  Her skin was coated in a sheen of perspiration covering it and her hair was matted to her back. 

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Nate pulled Rachel up into a sitting position.  His cock slid in and out of her, while his hands fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples.

Rachel gasped as his hand replaced hers, rubbing her clit with the same fury that he was pounding into her.  She could feel her orgasm building until she let out a throaty cry, coming with such force that Nate could feel it grabbing at his erection, milking him to come with her.

They collapsed face down on the bed, breathing hard. 

Rachel could feel Nate’s chest heaving, his come seeping out of her, trickling down her thighs.

“So?” she asked, as Nate rolled off her and onto his back.  “What’s the plan for the rest of the night?”


  1. Well this is different. It's a sweet story. Not as steamy as your past ones but I still like it.

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    I personally prefer your more erotic ones, but overall, it serves as a cute story.

  3. Not as good or as hot as your last ones

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