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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Retreat

Nick’s cock throbbed painfully.

For the last week he and his girlfriend, Riley, had been in play fight about who was the boss in their relationship.  Nick, who was certainly more dominating, ruled the roost most of the time, but Riley wasn’t giving in that easily.  It made for a rather exciting sex life.

Now he was staring at her backside as they hiked up the side of a mountain in search of a camping spot that was quiet and secluded.

Riley had whined when he announced he was taking her camping on the weekend.  She wasn’t very outdoorsy and she hated bugs.  The whole car ride she complained that something was going to eat her and that she’d be covered in bites by the time they left.  Nick had to bite his tongue when he really wanted to inform her that she was right.  He would be eating her and the bites would be strictly from him.

She stopped walking, her hands on her hips.  Nick walked up behind her, admiring the site of her long legs in the tight fitting shorts that hugged her ass.  She was doing her best Lara Croft impersonation, her dark hair tied back in a long ponytail and her cute tanned cropped top showing off her amazing curves and killer abs.

“How’s this spot?” she asked, waving her hand at the small clearing surrounded by trees.  “It’s close to the waterfalls, without being too close so I get eaten alive by bugs and it’s quiet so I can get some sleep at night.”

Nick smiled, his hand resting against the small of her back, his fingers making small circles on her bare flesh.

“Perfect,” he said.  It was a secluded spot so no danger of anyone seeing them and as Riley had already pointed out, it was close enough to fresh water without being in what she had aptly called ‘the bug zone’ while they were hiking.

Riley took off her small backpack, dropping it on the grass while Nick struggled with his.  It took him twenty minutes to set up the small tent.  It would have taken ten if Riley had helped, but instead she sat on a flat rock in the sun informing him that she had already been bitten twice on the leg.

Nick glanced over his shoulder.  Riley looked delicious.  Her tanned skin was golden and her big brown eyes were soulful and alluring.  And whenever she darted her pink tongue out to moisten her lips, Nick’s cock sprung to life.

“You look good enough to fuck,” he said, pushing the last tent peg into the ground.

Riley stared down her nose at him.  “In your dreams,” she said, moving a strand of hair out of her eyes.  Nick smiled.  “Yes actually.  Quite frequently.”  Riley rolled her eyes.  She was not in the mood.  She was hot and sweaty and was preparing to squash the bug that had just landed on her arm.  Camping was certainly not for her.

Nick reached into his backpack and pulled out a long coil of rope.  Riley caught sight of it as Nick began to untangle it.  “What’s that for?” she asked, tilting her head slightly.  “To secure the tent so the wind doesn’t blow it over?”

A coy smile played on Nick’s face.  “Not quite, but you are right about one thing.  It is going to be used to secure something.”

Riley’s eyes grew wide.  She had a feeling she was the thing it was meant to secure.  Nick had threatened to tie her down to the bed during the week so he could have his way with her.  He just hadn’t done it.

Sure enough, just as she had scrambled to her feet, Nick had lunged at her, gripping her wrist tightly so she couldn’t get away.  She slapped at his arm in an attempt to free herself. 

Somehow, Nick managed to grab both of Riley’s wrists, pulling them straight out in front of her.  Holding them with one hand, he began binding the rope around her wrists, pulling it tight so she couldn’t escape.

Riley cursed him, but stopped struggling.  It was beginning to have an effect on her.  She could feel her body responding as he secured her wrists. 

Nick grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it directly over her head and down her arms until it reached where she was tied.  He was grateful that she was wearing her string bikini underneath.  He pulled the strings, smiling in satisfaction as it landed at her feet. 

Her nipples strained into tight peaks as the gentle breeze teased them.  Nick couldn’t help tweaking them, rolling them around in his fingers.  Even with her hands bound, Riley still tried to swat him, telling him she wasn’t in the mood.

Nick responded by pulling down her shorts and bikini bottoms and thrusting his hand between her thighs.  “Feels like you’re in the mood to me,” he told her, playfully spanking her bare backside. 

Riley shook her head as Nick picked her up in his arms and walked over to a large elm tree.  He put her down a couple of feet away from the trunk and began using the remainder of the rope to tie her to the tree.

Once her hands were bound to the strong trunk of the elm, Nick grasped Riley’s hips, bending her over slightly so she was presented to him.

The scent of her arousal was intoxicating and even in the glare of the sun Nick could see her juices trickling from her moist sex.

With a single finger, Nick traced a line over her swollen pussy lips, feeling her jump as he tickled her clitoris.

Arching her back, Riley let out a low moan of pleasure when she felt two of his fingers slide into her aching flesh.

Dropping to his knees, Nick couldn’t help but taste her.  His tongue darted out of his mouth, licking the length of her slit, tasting her juices as they fell on his tongue.  Riley groaned, her hips rocking backwards as his tongue probed her.

A familiar feeling swelled in her belly as his tongue grazed over her clitoris.  Her thighs trembled and Riley gasped as his pace quickened.  Her back arched further as she anticipated the release of her orgasm that was stirring. 

Except there was nothing.

Nick had stopped tonguing her, his fingers withdrawing from her twitching pussy.

Riley let out a frustrated cry, rocking her hips back and forth, hoping that he would take pity on her and bring her to orgasm.  She could feel the urge deep within her.  She wanted to come.

Nick chuckled as he backed away from her, his hand caressing her ass.  He loved how she looked, helplessly tied to a tree in the middle of the wilderness.  She wiggled her ass, hoping it would entice him to return and give it to her until she melted into absolute pleasure.

Instead, Nick refused to move.  Riley begged him to touch her.  She begged him to release her so she could pleasure herself.  Nick refused, standing fully clothed, his arms folded across his chest, a tent pitched nicely in his pants.

Riley let out a wail of frustration as the urge to come subsided and her body cooled.  She was furious at him.  How dare he tease her like this. 

Just as she was plotting his murder, Nick’s tongue found its way back to her pussy, lapping at the outer lips, his fingers pushing deep inside her.  She groaned, her eyes closing, as his tongue tickled her clitoris once again.

Her hips bucked as he added a third finger to her moist centre.  His tongue stopped flicking over her clitoris as his digits explored her sex. 

Riley could feel her orgasm building again.  But before it could explore, Nick stopped.

He stood up and moved in front of her, his hands roaming over her flesh.  His fingers found her nipples and he massaged them in between his fingers.  Riley’s eyes flew open as he tugged harshly at them, pinching them in between his thumb and forefinger.  He repeated this movement as her cries of ecstasy grew louder.

Nick released one of her nipples as he freed himself from the confides of his pants.  The tip of his throbbing cock pressed against Riley’s lips.  She shook her head, closing her eyes, keeping her mouth firmly closed.  Nick sighed and pinched her nipple harder than before. 

Riley cried out and as she did, Nick pushed the tip of his quivering member into her mouth.  Riley’s tongue tickled the head of his shaft, sliding gracefully over the slit on the very tip.  Nick’s hips thrust forward slightly as Riley worked her magic.

Nick’s eyes closed, his hand slipping from her breast as she continued to suck his swollen member into her mouth, teasing it with the very tip of her tongue before licking the ridged shaft all over.  A string of drool dripped from her lips and into the dirt below.

It took a God-like effort for Nick to pull away from her.  Riley’s tongue somehow managed to give the sensitive tip a farewell flick as Nick moved behind her.

She was still wet, her thighs coated in her juices, her clitoris pulsing with desire.  Riley began to beg him to touch her, to make her come.

Instead, Nick grasped her hips and with one quick thrust, he sank his entire length into her causing her pending orgasm to erupt.

He stayed buried deep inside her as her body shook and trembled.  Once she had calmed a little, he began thrusting his hips forward, his hands grasping hers, his nails digging into her flesh.

A trickle of perspiration slid down his nose as he quickened his pace, slamming into her with such force that Riley could feel his balls slapping against her.

She grunted and moaned as another wave of pleasure shook her body from its core.  Her eyes closed, her lips parted as a silent cry escaped her.

Nick felt her inner muscles clenching at him as her second orgasm took control.  He bit his lip as he struggled not to shoot his load deep inside her.  He wanted to enjoy this for as long as humanly possible.

Glancing down, Nick watched with delight as his throbbing cock slid in and out of Riley’s quivering body with total ease.  It was a beautiful sight to watch, especially as his cock was so slick and wet with her juices.  A wicked smile played on his face as an idea popped into his head.

He withdrew from her and lined himself up with her ass.  It was something he had thought about all week as she teased him unmercifully.  Riley whimpered, suddenly afraid of what all her teasing had gotten her into.  Nick glanced up at her as she craned her neck to look over her shoulder.

He pushed against her, feeling the resistance of her back passage.  Riley closed her eyes, clenching her fists as Nick’s enormous cock head slid into her ass.  She cried out as his entire length gently filled her, his hands still clutching her waist.

He stayed still as Riley became use to the new sensation of having her ass filled.  He watched her hands.  Once she had unclenched them, he began moving slowly, watching his cock slide in and out of her ass.

Riley grunted as Nick rocked inside her.  She had never felt so full in her life.  Her grunts slowly began turning to moans as Nick began moving a little faster.  Her hips bucked back against his and soon she was pleading for him to rub her clit so she could come again.

Nick was happy to obliged, his hand snaking around her taut stomach, rubbing against her pubic mound before sliding against her throbbing clit.

Riley tossed her head back, her eyes closed as she let out a low moan.  Nick rubbed her clit, his hips grinding against hers.  He slipped a finger into her wanting flesh as he upped the tempo of this thrust, determined to shoot his load deep inside her ass.

His breathing quickened as he inserted a second finger into Riley.  He could feel her body tensing, her muscles clenching at his fingers, her ass tightening around him.  Her breathing was uneven and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the orgasm that was building deep inside her.

Nick groaned as Riley pushed back against him, his entire length disappearing deep inside her.  He felt her body shake, her ass milking him as she rode out an intense orgasm. 

Not being able to hold on, Nick gave in, coming deep inside her, feeling her body milk every drop from his quivering appendage. 

Exhausted, Nick pulled out of her, his cock wilting, as his come slowly began to seep from her ass.  His legs felt like jelly but somehow he managed to free Riley from her binds that held her to the tree.

“So, have we learned a lesson?” he asked, as Riley rubbed her wrists, getting circulation back into them.

She nodded, biting her lip.  “I’ve learned two things,” she said, his come dripping down her thigh.  Nick zipped himself back up.  “And what would they be?” he asked.

“One, I should tease you more often and two, you pitch a better tent in your pants than you do for camping reasons.”

Nick’s eyes darkened as Riley’s tongue darted out of her mouth.  Her eyes sparkled with mischief. 

Unzipping his pants, Nick’s cock sprung back to life.  Riley’s eyes widened as Nick grinned at her.  He did have the whole weekend after all.


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