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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Death Becomes Me

Special note: This is written on behalf of a special friend of mine.  We've had our ups and downs, our share of fights, but all in all, when push comes to shove, there's nothing that can tear us apart.  Based on our high school poem "Death's Hand" may I present Death Becomes Me.

There's something about you that I find intriguing.
Your quick wit and cheeky charm is alluring.
But now I've peeled back the curtain
And revealed myself to you.

It scares me knowing that you know.
Knowing that you will never see me the same way.
Knowing that you can use it against me at any time
For your enjoyment is my pain.

I long to be near you
Wishing each day would arrive quicker than the last
So I can hold you in my arms
And never think about the past.

But it is all you want to bring up
How I had hurt you before.
No amount of saying I'm sorry
Will get you to forgive me.

So now I sit alone in my room
Staring at the wall.
Not seeing it
But seeing past what it represents.

I long for the cold hand of Death
To release me from Life's prison.
I long to feel His weighted stare
As he tells me that my time is up.

A chill glides down my spine
When I realise I'm not alone.
I turn my head to see Him there
His face shadowed by his robe.

His hand reaches for me
And I scoot away.
Pressing myself against the wall
I close my eyes and wait.

When his bony finger touches me
It's like ice.
Cold, wet and sharp
It pierces my flesh.

My life drifts before my eyes.
My defense is shot
As I feel my life slipping away
And I slide into the pit of no return.

I guess they named it wrong
For I have returned.
To watch over you and your friends
And judge you on your actions.

Like the valleys to mountains
Like the rivers to the sea
Like the answers that we seek
Death becomes me

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