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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nothing Is As It Seems

You know I'm going to live forever
And that scares you.
You know that I'm always around
Watching your every move.
Just like a scene
From some scary dream
You can't help but worry
As I leap through your window
Late at night.
My fangs glow brightly
Under the bold moonlight.
You open your mouth to scream
Praying to God that this is a dream.
A dream so real
That you can feel your heart
Leaping from your chest.
You grip the covers
Wishing there was someway
Your feet would cooperate
And make a mad dash for the door.
But you sit there
Still and calm
Watching my movements
With parted eyes.
I turn to you
My eyes flickering with excitement.
I have never killed before
As no one has been worthy
But then I saw you
And I knew I had to have you.
As I inch closer to the bed
I can see your hands grip the sheets
Tighter and tighter.
Your fingers are woven
Knotted into the sheet
As perspiration drips down your forehead.
I can smell your fear
And I long to taste it.

I hold up two fingers
Moving them in front of your eyes.
"Be in my eyes," I command
"Be in me."
You are in a trance
You follow my movements
You sway and dance.
It is time.
I lean down

Fangs bared.
As I pierce your neck
A strangled cry escapes your lips.
A crimson stream flows freely
From the open wound.
I lap at it eagerly
Not wanting to miss a drop.
As your life fades away
You are at peace.
You fall back
Your head hitting the pillow
A glazed look in your eyes.
I slash my wrist.
Blood drips over the covers
Turning them from ivory
To red.
Holding your head
I place my wrist to your mouth
And you drink.
The hours pass
And I sit and wait
For you to arise.
When you do
You see the world through new eyes.
Everything is sharp
As we flee into the night
Our shadows cast an eerie sight.
For it is not dream.
One must remember
That nothing is as it seems.

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