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Saturday, March 10, 2012


With time, pain fades
And only the good memories remain
And all that runs through my veins
Is blood
No longer controlled by sorrow
No longer in dire need
No longer controlled by greed
Controlled by blood

It pumps through my heart
Causing me to breathe
It's the only thing I need
It's the reason why we die
It's the reason why I'm still alive
It's the crimson stream of life

It's what I want you to shed
For breaking my heart in two
For saying you want to start anew
Part with your blood
And though I know it's over
And though I know I'm stronger
I can't go on much longer
Not without blood

With time, pain fades
And only the good memories remain
Even through life's strains
Thick is my blood
And it runs free from my veins
And it runs down my arm
Consequence of self harm
It's blood

They say blood is thicker than water
You can feel how it's warm
Warmer than the air of a distant storm
Warm is blood
It's sweetness was unknown
It's sweetness cannot be denied
Without it we'd surely die
Cannot live without it
Not without blood

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