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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swan Song

Take a moment of silence
A moment of stillness
And realize that everything will be OK
Take a moment of time
A moment to cry
And realize it's time to say goodbye

Bowing out with a gentle grace
Knowing there's no one who
Can replace you
Knowing that you're unique
And that what you think
Isn't always a shared point of view

But it doesn't matter anymore
And you don't really care
If you finally belong
You spent your life trying to fit in
When you were born to stand out
You were different all along

And now the time has come
For you to say farewell
To admit that you were wrong
You want to make things right
Before it's too late
Before you've sung your swan song

To make amends
Among your family and friends
You know you've only got one chance
Before you exit this life
And say goodbye
You've got to take a stance

Make what you stand for known
Set it in stone
Before you're on your way
Knowing you'll lose this fight
But it's alright
Tomorrow is another day

And though you won't be here
There's nothing to fear
You're journey must come to an end
Now you're lying in bed
Pillows under your head
Surrounded by your family and friends

Tell them not to cry
Everything's alright
Your wish is for them to get along
As your take your final breath
Welcoming death
You've finally sung your swan song

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