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Sunday, May 5, 2013


I paced the platform, chewing nervously on my nail.  Had it really been four years?

It had.  Four years ago Paige and I got into a fight over her new husband.  I hadn't agreed with how quickly their relationship had progressed and her response was to cut me out of her life.

Now I was rocking back and forth on my six inch heels, tugging on my skirt, while I waited with anticipation for her train to come in.

As it arrived, I ran my hand through my blonde hair.

The crowd parted, people making their way out of the station.  I scanned the faces, searching for the one I knew.

There she was.

She hadn't changed at all.  Her chocolate brown hair still long and curled slightly, her dark eyes shining with both delight and mischief and her body was phenomenal.  For a woman who had two kids there wasn't once ounce of fat anywhere on her.

She caught my eye and smiled brightly, running over and wrapping me up in a huge hug.  "I missed you so much!" she said, squeezing me hard.

"Me too," I replied.  "God, you look great!"

Paige flipped her hair with her perfectly manicured hand.  "You don't have to sound so surprised," she teased, grinning at me cheekily.  I rolled my eyes.  Yes, she hadn't changed at all.

We walked out of the station together, chatting as though we had only seen each other last week.  Her kids were now both in school and her business had really taken off.

"I just wish I had time to socialise more," she confessed as we sat down at the local coffee shop.  "I miss hanging out with girlfriends and just gossiping without having to worry about the kids.  Or the husband."

We placed our orders and then she asked how I had been.  "Good.  My career is still the same, but there are some possible prospects coming.  Got a new man myself.  Been with him for almost two years."

Paige smiled and nodded politely as I continued to talk her ear off about the changes in my life.

As our meals came we grew silent, the only sounds filling our ears was the laughter from another table.

As I sipped my water, Paige lent closer, her hair dangling just above her plate.  "I have a bit of a confession," she whispered.  "Do you remember June 17th?"

I coughed, almost dropping the glass.  Did I remember?  Of course I did.

Judging from my reaction (and choking) Paige could tell I did.  "I'd like to repeat that," she said softly, her eyes staring at her glass.  "Just this time I say we avoid the liquor."

Had I heard her right?  She wanted to repeat something that I still dreamed about?

One look in her eyes and I could tell she was serious.  My heart pounded in my chest, fluttering with excitement.  I gave her a short nod and suggested that we get our meals to go then head over to the Hilton.  Paige smiled, waving over the waitress.

Twenty minutes later we were standing outside room 1476.  My hands shook as I tried to swipe the card to open the door.  I couldn't remember the last time I was this nervous.

The door swung open and we entered the room.

It was just a stand hotel room with a large king size bed and small bathroom complete with spa bath tub.

The door closed and I turned to face Paige, wishing she hadn't talked me out of having a drink.

Giggling nervously she moved toward me, kicking her heels off, discarding them near the entrance to the room.  Placing a hand on my wrist she lent in, her lips softly touching mine as we kissed.

I relaxed, sighing softly, feeling her soft and supple lips tenderly kissing mine.  Her tongue flickered into my mouth, teasing the tip of mine before massaging it deeply with her.

My hands roamed over her arms before undoing the buttons on her blouse.  I cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples harden beneath her black lacy bra.  I pulled away from her, groaning a little as our lips parted.  My hands slid down her body, running over the curve of her hip before unzipping her skirt.

As her skirt fell to the ground, the scent of her arousal flooded my nostrils.  I slid a hand between her thighs and felt her panties growing damp.

Paige's head rolled back, her eyes closing as I gently rubbed the outside of her black lace panties.  I could feel her excitement mounting.

I glanced up at her, surprised to see her bra had disappeared.  I glanced around to see it lying on the bed.  "Cheeky girl," I teased, standing and tweaking her brown nipples, feeling them harden beneath my fingers.

Paige's breathing grew more rapid as I tweaked her nipples.  I lent down, my eyes watching her face as I traced my tongue over the delicate bud, feeling it swell as I sucked it into my mouth, nipping it gently.

Moaning in pleasure, Paige reached out for me, her hands fumbling with my buttons before tossing my shirt on the bed with her bra.



Paige pointed to my bra.  I glanced down, unsure of what she was saying.  My white lace bra stared back at me.  I giggled, my blonde hair falling over my shoulder.

"I guess we really are opposites," I said, sliding my skirt down over my hips to reveal my creamy white thighs.

Paige sighed as she took in the sight of my body.  I was a lot more curvaceous then what she was, not to mention that she could see some new ink I had done.  She traced her finger over the butterfly on my hip.  "New work?" she questioned, dropping to her knees and replacing her finger with her tongue.

My response was a low moan as she traced the very tip of her tongue across my pubic bone, feeling my body quiver with her touch.

Reaching up behind my back, I unclasped my bra, tossing it over where my shirt was and began tweaking my own nipples, groaning as they became sensitive to my touch.

Paige's hands held my hips as she grabbed at my panties with her teeth.  Tearing them down over my thighs she left them to slide over my knees as I felt her tongue flicker across my clitoris.  My hips bucked towards her as I silently begged for her not to stop.

She slid two fingers into me, my juices coating them as she continued to slide her tongue up and down my slit, lapping at my excitement that was leaking down my inner thighs.

My legs grew shaky as an orgasm built up in the pit of my stomach.  My eyes closed as Paige curled her fingers, teasing my G-spot before sucking my clit into her mouth.  I let out a cry and came, my entire body shaking as it reached its ultimate release.

A hand landed on my belly and pushed me onto the bed.  I slowly opened my eyes to see Paige's now naked body crawling on top of mine.  Her breasts brushed against mine, my skin looking paler against her luscious tan.  She gave me a passionate kiss, our tongues intertwining.  I could taste myself on her as our hips lightly bucked against one another.

"Why don't we take this into the bath?" she suggested with a wink, her stomach rubbing against mine as her hands tweaked my nipples.  I bit my lower lip and shot her the best seductive look I could muster.  "Sounds like fun," I told her, rolling her over so I was on top.

I kissed her hard before walking into the bathroom.

I turned the taps, watching the steaming water fall, filling the tub.  Scanning the vanity I found what I wanted; bubble bath solution.  I poured the entire bottle into the tub and watched with glee as the bubbles began to form and rise.

Paige entered the room, tying her dark hair up into a bun before handing me a hair tie too.  I did the same with my hair before climbing into the hot water and sinking beneath the bubbles.

My breasts were completely covered by the bubbles, though my nipples stood out as I reached out to turn the flowing water off.  Paige climbed in with me and sat at the opposite end, her hand dipping beneath the bubbles to stroke herself.

I moved over to her, holding her close and kissing her with the passion of a Greek God, feeling her breasts rise to my lingering hand.  I cupped them, nipping at the soft flesh and began rubbing her nipples between two fingers.

"Get that sweet pussy over here," I told her, resting back against the bath, parting the bubbles with my hand.

Getting on all fours, Paige backed her ass towards me, her cute pussy on full display.  I lightly traced a single finger over her moist mound, feeling her jerk with anticipation.

The tip of my tongue slid out of my mouth and over her slit from bottom to top, stopping to tease her clit until it was hard and pulsing.  Pinching it in between my thumb and forefinger, I continued to lap at her sex, feeling her juices flood my mouth as she grew more aroused.

I slid two fingers deep into her, working them in and out while I continued to torture her with just the tip of my tongue.  I released her clit and rubbed her back, coating it in scented bubbles, watching as the water droplets slid off her perfectly bronzed body.

I pressed my tongue flat against her pussy and flicked it over her clitoris rapidly, curling my fingers inside her and working them harder then before.  Paige bucked back against me, one hand cupping her own breast and tweaking her nipple.

"Ooh yes!" she moaned, her thighs twitching as I gently blew cool air onto her.

Removing my fingers, I held open her pussy lips before thrusting my tongue deep inside her, twisting it as it entered her.  I rubbed my fingers across her clitoris which was enough for her to push back against me as her orgasm took over.

Water and bubbles splashed over the side of the tub as Paige came hard, panting and gasping for air.  I could feel a smile creep to my face.

"Was that good?" I asked as she sat down at the other end of the tub.

She smiled at me, moving a stray strand of hair from her eyes.  "You know it was," she replied.

Her hand crept along the side of the tub, searching for the large silver button that would turn the bath into a spa.  She pushed it and the jet behind my back roared to life.

Paige smiled at me and told me to get on all fours and press back against the jet.  I watched as she did it then copied her.

The vibrations of the stream of water shooting from the jet tickled my clit and I let out a throaty moan, pressing back as far as I could.

"Do this often?" I teased, my blue eyes studying Paige.

Paige nodded.  "Why else do you think I insisted on a room with a spa bath?" she replied, leaning forward and kissing me tenderly.

The bubbles tickled our nipples as we found ourselves grinding against the jet steam of water.  I couldn't believe how good it felt.  It was as impressive as having a vibrator on a low setting pressed just in the right spot.

As my orgasm grew, I knew our time was coming to an end.  That soon I would have to say good bye to her again and return to my life with my boyfriend.  But at least I'd have the memory of this day and I would never look at bubbles in quite the same way.


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