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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In My Fairy Garden

Down the back of the yard
Behind the wooden shed
Stands a tall oak tree
Decorated in white thread
This is the home of the fairies in my garden
This is where they spend their day
Adorned by the flowers
That bloom in May
Their voices cannot be heard
Nor can they be seen
But it's because of them
That the grass is always green
They bought to life my plants
And made my garden grow
With their little hands and tools
The bulbs sprout down below
A little fairy magic
Goes a long way
And if you listen closely
You can hear them at play
A jingle here and there
Can be heard on the wind
A blush forms on my cheeks
In a light pink tinge
Welcome to my fairy garden
It's a place to call home
A place where fantasies come to life
And you'll never be alone

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