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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rockin' Chair

Kelly was in Heaven.  Not literally, but she might as well have been. 

She was lying in her boyfriend’s bed, her naked body surrounded by a gorgeous mink blanket.  She rubbed the blanket over her body, feeling the softness tease her and bring her to quick arousal.  Now where was that man of hers?

She had been with him for the last year, enjoying his company and there were certainly no complaints about the sex.  He catered to her every need, making love to her as often as he could.  Even while they were at work, he would send her flirty messages or e-mails and Kelly would respond with equally as suggestive ones.

Their flirtatious nature always seemed to land them in bed and Kelly loved how he took control of her, flipping her over mid-way, grabbing her hips and taking her doggy style before pulling her down on top of him and having her ride his cock until they both collapsed from their climaxes.

Now he had disappeared to the bathroom and she was left to recover, naked in his bed.

The door opened and Kelly looked over her shoulder. 

Nathan stood before her, running his hand through his hair.  He was very tempted to lie down behind Kelly, wrapping his arms around her and tweaking her nipples which he knew would already be hard due to the mink blanket rubbing against them.

He shook his head, discarding that thought as he felt himself become aroused.  This next couple of hours was going to be all about her, awaking her senses to something new and exciting.

He motioned for her to get up.  Kelly smiled seductively before standing on his bed, dropping the blanket to her feet.  Nathan groaned, his cock swelling in his pants, as he took in the sight of his girlfriend standing before him in her glorious naked form.

Kelly’s blonde hair fell half-way down her back, her blue-green eyes shined with delight as her hands rested on her hips.  Her breasts were luscious and full, her nipples hard like diamonds.

Nathan licked his lips as he looked her up and down before moving over to the bed to help her down.  His hands rested on her hips as he kissed her deeply, feeling her hands creeping over his back, her nails tracing lines down his shoulders.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said, his lips brushing lightly against her ear.

“Really?” Kelly asked, staring up at him, her hands intertwining in his chest hair.

Nathan nodded and asked her to turn around.  Kelly did, gasping softly as a silk tie covered her eyes.  “Don’t want you peeking,” Nathan teased, kissing along her neck, his hands rubbing her arms.

Carefully he led her out of the bedroom and down the hall.  Kelly felt uneasy, her feet shuffling on the wooden floor.  Nathan held one hand while the other was resting along the wall, feeling her way down the long hallway.

Nathan led her into her office.  His surprise sat in the middle of the room.  A wooden chair with a high back, perfect for tying his loving girlfriend down.  On the actual seat rested a large vibrator, shaped like a cock.  Nathan had taped it down so that once Kelly had taken a seat it would slide up into her, bringing her nothing but pleasure until he decided she had enough. 

He moved Kelly towards the chair and positioned her carefully.  Placing his strong hands on her shoulders, he began pushing her downward, gently applying more pressure.

Kelly let out a startled gasp as she felt the tip of the vibrator enter her.

“Hold it right there,” Nathan instructed, reaching for an object that was sitting on the desk.

“I don’t like this,” Kelly whimpered, her back arched as her body rested against the invader.

Nathan stroked her soft golden hair.  “Kell, nothing’s going to happen to you.  You’re safe,” he told her, kissing her forehead.  “I just thought this would be fun.”

Kelly opened her mouth to protest when something cold tickled her butt.  She gasped, her head thrashing from side to side as Nathan slid another vibrator, this one small, up her tight ass. 

Swallowing hard, Kelly wondered what was going to happen to her as Nathan’s hands returned to her shoulders, pushing her down onto the seat. 

The large vibrator that he had strategically placed on the wooden chair slid right into her, filling her completely. 

Taking advantage of this, Nathan picked up the Japanese silk rope that he had residing on the desk and began binding Kelly to the chair.  He tied her wrists together behind the chair before attaching them to the back.  He wrapped the rope around her breasts in a figure eight pattern before securing her torso to the chair back.  He looped the rope around her thighs, tying them to the chair leg before repeating the same step with her ankles.

Kelly protested the whole time, whining and asking repeatedly “What the fuck are you doing?”

Sighing, Nathan returned to the desk and picked up the candy coloured ball gag.  He waited for Kelly to open her mouth before he thrust it between her lips, causing a muffled cry of surprise.  He fastened it behind her head, watching with delight as she rocked side to side, trying to break free. 

Kelly couldn’t believe what was happening.  She had been probed by two large vibrators, tied to a chair and now she couldn’t talk.  What was Nathan doing?

As he removed the blindfold, Kelly felt a stream of light blind her.  As she blinked rapidly, trying to get her sight to return, she felt a low buzzing deep inside her.

Crying out, she rocked side to side, rotating her hips.  Maybe if she had a quick orgasm Nathan would release her.

She glanced up at him to see him standing naked at the desk, his pajama pants discarded to the floor, his legs crossed at the ankles and his fulsome erection on display.  Kelly narrowed her eyes when he asked her how she felt.  She wanted to wipe that smug look right off his face.

Nathan held up something small and pink.  Kelly arched her eyebrow before her eyes grew wide with the realization of what it was; a remote control.  What the hell was that for?

As Nathan pressed a button, Kelly’s eyes shot open and her muffled protests began again.  The vibrator he had placed in her ass began buzzing intensely. 

Moaning, Kelly rocked her body, the rope rubbing against her supple skin.  Her eyes closed and head fell back as the growing orgasm that had been building finally took hold.

Nathan could see the veins in Kelly’s neck throb as her body strained for its full release.  It was a delightful scene to watch even if his erection was painful.  He wanted nothing more than to slip it between her lips and watch her suck him off as two powerful vibrators, that he had full control of, rocketed her into orgasm after orgasm.

Reaching for her, Nathan grabbed a handful of her hair.  “If I take this gag out, will you be a good girl and blow me?” he asked, his blue eyes darkening.

Kelly nodded, grateful that she didn’t have to have that massive ball in her mouth any longer.

Nathan removed the gag and promptly placed his throbbing cock between her lips, feeling her tongue swirl around the swollen head, tickling the underside of his shaft.

The scent of sex filled the air as Kelly rotated her hips, grinding against the vibrator as she stared up at Nathan before engulfing his full length into her mouth.  Nathan’s eyes closed, his hand on her head, grabbing at her hair as she continued to flick her tongue rapidly across the very tip of his cock.

His body spasmed as he came, shooting his creamy load down Kelly’s throat.

Taking super human strength, Nathan pulled away from Kelly, watching as a few drops of his come dribbled out the side of her mouth. He placed the gag back into her mouth, securing the leather band behind her head and letting her hair fall back down over her shoulders.  Holding onto the remote, he pressed a button and the vibrator in her pussy suddenly upped the intensity causing her to throw her head back and let out a muffled throaty cry as she came hard.

Nathan smiled, stroking himself as he watched Kelly shudder, her shoulders shaking, her eyes half open as her chest rose rapidly with each breath.

Once she had regained focus, Nathan could see she was hovering on the edge of another strong climax.  Calmly, he sat the remote down on the desk before leaning down so he could look her in the eye.

“I’m just going to head out for an hour,” he told her, cupping her chin in his hand.  “I’ll just be at shops.  You stay here like the good girl you are and come repeatedly.”

He stood up as Kelly began cursing his name in a muffled tone.  Nathan glanced back at her before pressing the remote once more.  The speeds increased in both vibrators.

As he exited the study, closing the door behind him, Kelly rocketed into a third powerful orgasm for that afternoon.


  1. Oh wow! Where can I buy one of those chairs?

  2. I think my wife would kill me if I tried this with her. I will print this story out as a bedtime read for her though

  3. Nice story. Very descriptive.

  4. It's been a while since I've been online. I saw this on Twitter and thought I should have a read. I didn't think it would be so hot though. Amazing.

  5. I'm starting to look at my office chair differently now

  6. This sounds like such a fun, wicked little idea. Based on reality? ;-)