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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sex In The Corner Pocket

A low buzzing caused Riley to stir.

She opened one eye slowly, her body twitching, tugging on the restraints that held her in place.  Restraints?

Both eyes snapped open as Riley stared at her wrists.  Sure enough there were leather cuffs attached to her wrists followed by a long chain.  She glanced down at her feet and saw the same thing.

Feeling panicked she tried to sit up, her naked body writhing on felt.  Felt?  Riley glanced down.  She was on top of the pool table in the basement.  Her body was naked, tied spread-eagled to the pool table, the chain looping underneath, holding her securely.  She tried to call for help, but realized her mouth was filled with a ball gag.

Riley’s eyes widened when the buzzing sound grew louder, her body thrashing about.  It took a few seconds for her to realize it was coming from the vibrator buried deep inside her.  Her muscles clenched, tightening around it, feeling the intense vibrations rip through her body.

As she groaned, verging on the edge of an orgasm, Riley turned her head towards the door.  There he was leaning against the door frame, ankles crossed, arms folded across his chest.  Her heart was beating frantically at the sight of his bare chest, a light smattering of hair running down his body towards his jeans.  The bulge in his jeans suggested he had been watching her for a while.

Riley muffled a plea, begging him with her eyes to remove the large vibrator from her and replace it with his tumescent manhood. 

A smile crossed his face as he held up a small, black, object.  Riley’s eyes widened when she realized what it was.  A remote control.  He pressed a button and the plug in her rectum began to vibrate too causing her to arch her back high off the pool table and cry out as a powerful, thunderous orgasm shook her to her core.

He lowered the vibrations and approached her, discarding his jeans on the couch.  He ran his fingers lightly over her sweaty body, feeling her shudder beneath his touch.

She was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling rapidly, her blue eyes flickering open as she felt him tweak her nipples until the resembled hard peaks. 

Leaning down, he took one into his mouth, letting his tongue run over it, flickering against the delicate bud, feeling it harden further.  Her whole areola was engorged as he continued to tease the nipple with his tongue. 

As he moved onto the other nipple his hand ran down the plain of her belly, feeling the smoothness of her skin.  He removed the vibrator that was buried deep inside her and turned it off.  He could feel her slickness on it and couldn’t resist inserting his fingers into her moist heat.

Riley groaned, tossing her head back, eyes closing as his fingers began working their way in and out of her body, curling upwards and rubbing against her G-spot.  Every now and then he would remove them and rub her clitoris, causing small tremors to pass through her body.

He removed his mouth from her nipple causing a moan of displeasure from her.  Riley watched as he moved between her legs, pulling her closer to the edge so he could trace his tongue over her quivering pussy, soaking up her juices that were sliding out of her and down her thighs onto the pool table below.

He took his time, feeling her grind her hips against his tongue as he probed inside her, flicking her clitoris, feeling her thighs shake as he explored her body.

He could tell she was getting close to another orgasm.  Her hands had bawled into fists as she pulled on the restraints.  Her toes curled, catching the end of the pool table and her breathing became far shallower then before. 

Sucking her clitoris into his mouth he heard her gasp as her second orgasm for the day took control of her.  Riley’s body began to twitch, her head shaking from side to side as she rode out the wave of pleasure.

Just as her body began to calm itself, he climbed atop her, pressing his impressive erection directly into her with one swift thrust.  That was enough for Riley to endure her third orgasm for the afternoon.

Her pussy twitched, clenching at his throbbing appendage as he lay motionless inside her.  As she relaxed he began moving, feeling the vibrations from the butt plug course through her. 

The scent of sex was in the air as he ploughed into Riley, watching her blonde hair fall across her face, matted by her sweat.  Her creamy white skin held a tinge of pink as she grew more excited.

Reaching up, he cupped her breasts with both hands, his hips bucking against her, grinding his cock deep inside her.  She bucked against him as his fingers toyed with her nipples, cruelly tweaking them until they were as hard as diamonds.

Her muffled cries of pleasure flooded his ears.  He kneaded her breasts, the palms of his hands rubbing over her fully erect nipples.

Releasing one breast, he reached down beside him, picking up the remote control.  He pressed a button and the butt plug vibrator he had inserted in her while she was sleeping roared to life, sending off intense vibrations right through her back passage.

He could feel his cock responding to it.  The feeling deep inside her was incredible to begin with, but adding the vibrator was just another level of pleasure.

Grabbing her hips with his hands, he began pounding into her, harder than before, feeling her meet his thrust for thrust.

He was close to coming.  He could feel his cock throb painfully inside her.  He pressed the button on the remote control, turning the vibrating butt plug up to its highest setting, catapulting Riley into another powerful orgasm that had her inner muscles tighten around his cock, milking him until he exploded deep inside her.

Sweat trickled down his nose as he lower the intensity of the butt plug.  His breathing was rapid.  He slid out of her, his coming mixing with her juices fell onto the felt top of the pool table.  It would be a bitch to clean.

Riley grunted softly as she felt him slid the vibrator back into her soaking wet pussy.  She happily clamped down on the invader, satisfied as it filled her.

Grabbing his jeans, he turned to leave the room.  Just before he left, he turned to look back at her.  Riley’s half open eyes stared back at him, pleading with him to untie her and let her go.  Her soft, muffled moans and twitching body told him that she was exhausted.

Holding up the remote, hit turned the vibrator in her pussy on.  Riley cried out, arching her back, trying to expel the teasing silicone cock.  Watching her reaction caused him to smile.  He walked out the door, pressing the remote until it was on the highest possible setting.

“Enjoy, love,” he called back to her, ascending the stairs.  “I’ll be back for another game soon.” 


  1. Wow this is hot. Makes me want to buy a pool table. Thanks for sharing

  2. Based on experience, Rei? ;) This was a very fun story. Sexy, hot, completely drew me in. Wouldn't mind doing something like this myself ;)

  3. Cute story. Very nicely written.

  4. I wish it was a little longer but otherwise very good. Descriptive and fun. I'm with Dom. I want to buy a pool table for this reason now. ;)