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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Her eyes were devilish. Her body curvaceous and dangerous. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, sensually wetting her lips, a faint smirk playing on her features as her green eyes looked him up and down.

Adam gulped, feeling his erection strain against his pants. How did this woman have so much power of him? He had never met anyone like her before.

Natalie smiled sweetly, the scent of her perfume lingering between them. It was intoxicating.

Adam felt his mouth become as dry as the Sahara desert as he watched her open the sliding door and step out onto his apartment balcony, her tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination. They hugged the curve of her hip and ass perfectly as her Cowboys T-shirt tightly caressed her ample breasts.

He continued to pour himself a glass of wine, as thoughts of her body intertwined with his, naked and sweaty ran through his mind. He lifted the bottle to his lips, letting the liquid slide into his mouth. It felt cool against his dry tongue, giving it much needed refreshment. He turned back to look at her, resting against the balcony, taking in the view of down town Los Angeles. His groin tightened painfully.

As if knowing he was staring at her, Natalie stood up, her head turning. Even from a distance, Adam could see her eyes dance with delight and interest. He grabbed the glass and head outside to join her.

“You're home is so beautiful,” she said, her rich Australian accent flooding his ears. He smiled, his mouth suddenly dry again. He took a sip of his wine, offering the glass to her. She held up her hand and shook her head. “No thank you,” she said. A mischievous look crossed her face as she pressed her body against his, her soft lips touching his with such force, Adam felt himself stumble backwards.

His hand rested lightly on her hip as her tongue tangoed with his, her breasts crushed against his chest. She gave a lingering sigh as she stepped away from him. He watched, his cock twitching in his pants as she licked her lips. “Tasty,” she said, her voice coming out husky and seductive. 

Adam drained the rest of his glass, not caring that he didn't savour the taste of the wine. He grabbed her, pulling her into him and kissed her passionately, his hand grabbing at her ass, squeezing it, feeling her hips grind against his.

She shot him her most seductive look before turning on her heel and walking off inside, a little wiggle in her walk. 

Adam followed, retuning his wine glass to the kitchen. He glanced up to see her standing in the door way to his bedroom, T-shirt in hand. He swallowed hard. Her black lacy bra was on display and it barely covered her ample cleavage.

Natalie bit her lower lip as Adam advanced on her. She tossed him her shirt before backing up into the bedroom, her thumbs looped in the waist band of her jeans. 

Adam kicked the door closed, grabbing her, pulling her closer to him. He kissed her neck, sucking at her tender skin, his hands fumbling with the button of her jeans. He kissed down her chest, nipping at her nipples through the scrap of fabric she called lingerie. He could feel them harden at his slightest touch. He smiled wickedly, dropping to his knees, kissing her belly, his tongue circling her bellyring. 

Unzipping her jeans, Adam pulled them down, sliding them off her legs with ease. His breath hitched in his throat when he saw how beautiful she was. Her panties matched her bra. Soft, black lace. His erection strained against his pants, begging for release. 

He took a seat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap. Her perfectly rounded butt bumped his hard cock which caused him to groan. She squirmed slightly as he laid her over his knee. His hands roamed over her body, feeling her curves, the softness of her skin, the silkiness of her hair. He gave her playful tap on the backside, causing her to crane her neck to see what was happening. His hand rubbed her ass before smacking it. Natalie's eyes grew wide as Adam repeated the action. She squirmed, attempting to move away from him, but he held her firm, his hand coming down harder than before on her ass. She cried out, a stinging sensation sweeping over her.

Adam hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down, revealing the smooth, creamy, pale flesh of her ass. He smack her again, her pale skin turning pink with each open hand spanking that he delivered. With each slap on her behind, Natalie cried out, chewing on her lip, eyes closed tightly.

Eventually, Adam grew tired of spanking her and unclasped her bra, tossing it aside. He laid her on the bed, watching her chest rise and fall, her breath quickening, as she watched him unbutton his shirt, revealing his chiselled chest.

Adam licked his lips, his eyes roaming over the beautiful naked woman lying on his bed. Her green eyes stared up at him, enchanting him as her pink tongue parted out the corner of her mouth, wetting her lips. He unzipped his pants, revealing the bulge in his briefs to her. Her eyes flickered with interest as she propped herself up on her elbows.

Natalie extended her leg, her toes gripping Adam's groin, a teasing smile on her face. Adam groaned, his hand holding her foot. She tried to pull her leg away, but he held her firmly, kneeling on the bed and planting a lingering kiss on the very tip of her big toe. 

Her eyes closed as his tongue darted in between each toe, licking them before sucking them into his warm mouth. It tickled. Her hands gripped his bed sheets, fighting all urges to kick him. Adam looked up at her, his smile widening. He got off the bed, fumbled around inside his closet before returning with a bag. 

Curiosity got the better of Natalie, who sat up, her blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders, caressing her nipples causing them to harden like diamonds.

Reaching into the bag, Adam produced a pair of leather cuffs. He watched as her eyes widened as he laid them out on the bed. A small chain linked them. Natalie swallowed hard, a lump suddenly appearing in her throat, her palms beginning to sweat. Adam pulled out a larger pair of cuffs and held them out so she could see them. Once again, a small chain linked them. “If you're good, I won't have to use them,” he teased, winking at her, knowing full well that was an impossible task.

Her eyes darkened as he pulled her legs apart. He could see that she was aroused, her pussy moist, dripping with anticipation. The scent of arousal was intoxicating. It flooded his nostrils as his tongue flicked across her clitoris. Natalie gasped, drawing her legs closer together. Adam held them apart, as his tongue began exploring her sex, tracing her lips, plunging inside her, feeling the warmth of her body while she squirmed on the bed, wiggling her hips, attempting to close her legs.

Adam released one of her legs, reaching over to grab at the ankle cuffs. He sat up, watching as she closed her legs, her eyes closed, her chest rising with each breath she took. He took the chain off before reaching into the bag and pulling out two longer chains. He attached them to the bed posts before taking one of her ankles in his hand. He kissed it, trailing his tongue over it before attaching the leather cuff. Securing it to the bed post, Adam repeated the procedure to the other ankle until she was tied down, her legs spread.

Natalie whimpered as he kissed along her inner thigh, licking and nipping at the skin, the tip of his tongue tracing circles along her hot, tantalising flesh. He licked either slide of her clitoris as he slid two fingers into her aching flesh.


Her eyes closed, her hands gripping his hair, wiggling her hips as his fingers probed deeper inside her. Adam pulled away, his fingers, slick with her juices, sliding out of her. Natalie groaned in frustration, pouting at him, begging him with her eyes to continue. He smiled at her, holding up the wrist cuffs. “Sit up,” he commanded, his voice deep and low. She obeyed. If it meant he was going to continue licking her pussy and bring her to an Earth-shattering orgasm, she'd walk across hot coals. 

He moved so he was sitting behind her. He dusted playful kisses across her shoulders before pulling her wrists behind her back, fastening the cuffs to them. She struggled a little, glancing over her shoulder at him. His lips had a sheen to them and she couldn't help but lean in for a kiss, tasting herself on his lips.

Adam broke their kiss, pushing her back down on the bed, her hands pulled tightly behind her back. He kissed the curve of her jaw, her neck, her collarbone before sucking her nipple into his mouth, his tongue rolling over it, flicking at it as though it were a light switch. Natalie moaned in response. Her audible sounds caused his cock to twitch. 

Adam moved from one nipple to the other while his hand wandered back down to her aching sex. Teasing her clit with his finger, Adam smiled as she wiggled her hips in an attempt to get him to penetrate her. He gave in, his index finger sliding into her dripping wet pussy. 

With his free hand, Adam kneaded her breast, his hands tugging at her nipple, causing her to cry out. How he loved hearing those sounds. From her whimpers to her loud audible cries of pleasure, each little sound was music to his ears.

He sat up, his finger slipping from her moist flesh again. Natalie pouted, her eyes locking onto his. Adam released the chains that held her legs open but left the leather cuffs wrapped around her ankles. He discarded his briefs, his cock standing to full attention as he carefully lifted her into his arms, impaling her on his throbbing appendage. 

Natalie sighed in contentment as his rock hard cock filled her. With her hands secured behind her back she was at his mercy. He grasped her firmly by the hips and began moving her, slowly at first, up and down, building a steady rhythm. 

Their gasps and moans of pleasure became synchronised as he pulled her body down, filling her completely. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he laid her on the bed, his cock still buried firmly inside her. Holding onto her knees, Adam began pounding into her with masterful power and force.

Her hips met his, thrust for thrust as she tried to coax out the orgasm that was stirring within her belly. Her muscles clenched at his quivering member, gripping and releasing him, as his thumb found her clitoris and began rubbing it slowly in a circular pattern.

Natalie couldn't take it any more and, as her eyes rolled back, she let out a throaty cry as she came, her body shaking uncontrollably. It was the sexiest damn thing Adam had ever seen. Her cheeks were flushed, her head turned, eyes closed and lips parted. Adam reached down, slipping two of his fingers into her mouth. She automatically began sucking them, tasting herself on his hand, her eyes changing from blue to green in a matter of seconds. Adam groaned and with one final thrust came deep inside her, filling her with his hot, creamy load.

For a few moments, he stayed buried inside, collapsing on top of her. Sweat dripped from his brow onto her breasts, her body covered in a sheen of perspiration, her hair matted to her skin. 

He slid out of her, freeing her hands. She sat up, rubbing her wrists, a combination of his and her love juices trickled out of her, running down her thigh. He scooped it up on two fingers before offering it to her. Natalie opened her mouth, her tongue ticking as he slid his fingers in. She willing sucked them clean, making mewing sounds, her eyes locked onto his. 

The combination of her intense stare, the scent of sexual arousal and tantalising tongue working its magic on his fingers caused Adam's blood to run hot and directly to his cock.

She smiled wickedly, pulling away from his fingers. She rolled over, wiggling her ass at him, tossing him a sultry look over her shoulder. Adam didn't have to be asked twice. He grabbed her hips and, with one quick thrust, buried his cock deep inside her. Natalie sighed, lowering her upper torso down on the bed so her ass was up in the air was Adam pounded in and out of her. He slapped her ass causing her to cry out in surprise.

Grabbing hold of her hair, feeling the matted silky locks fall through his fingers, Adam gave a gentle tug, bringing her head up, her back arching, her hips rocking back against his, allowing him to go deeper inside her. 

Together they panted, their sexual appetite increasing, yearning for release. Adam reached down with his left hand, rubbing her clit, determined to get her to come again. Natalie squeezed her inner muscles, gripping his rock hard cock, trapping him inside her. He smacked her ass until she released him. 

Bodies synchronised, humping against each other, matching the intensity of each thrust. Their bodies glistened, their breath ragged, uneven. Their cries and moans of pleasure got progressively louder as their joint climax came to ahead. 

His nails digging into her hips, pulling her back against him, making sure that his entire cock was sunk into her warm, inviting flesh as it spewed forth its creamy, white load. Her body twitched, convulsing, her arms shaking, giving way as she fell forward, his weight on top of her.

Slowly, Adam stirred back to life, rolling off her. Natalie rolled over, her eyes glassy and flashed him a smile of satisfaction as she snuggled up against his chest, tracing a line caused by a single bead of sweat. He kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes. 

“I love you,” he said, before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

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