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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coming Up Next: Slayed

Hi everyone,

Back in 2001 I wrote, directed and starred in my very own horror movie.  A throwback to the horror of old, where killers were invincible, their back stories a mystery and the kills were more suspenseful than gory, Slayed was my baby.

Eleven years later, I'm dusting off the script and turning Slayed and it's two sequels (Slayed 2 and Slayed 3: The Final Act) into a three-part book series of the same name.

One part mystery, one part suspense and one part gore, Slayed is my next project after Ahlephia.  And hopefully I channel my inner demonic self to create something that truly is disturbing and spine-tingling.

A lot has changed from the original concept, although the storyline remains the same.  What is it?  *insert sly smile here* I won't tell...not yet anyway.  But here's a hint.  Sit down and watch Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street - the originals - and you'll get an idea as to what influenced Slayed eleven years ago.

Stay turned for more updates regarding my works for both Ahlephia and Slayed. 

And before I forget, within the next few days we'll be seeing a return from James.  He's been working on a couple of stories that should provide us with some much needed thrills and chills.

Lots of love,
Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons


  1. You're bringing back Slayed in book form? Cool. As someone who was part of the original film, I have to say I'm looking more forward to this than I am Ahlephia. Good luck, Rei

  2. Sounds interesting. Big fan of NOES so I look forward to reading what happened in your film.
    Just out of curiousity, will we get to see the movie version?

  3. Oooh, this sounds good :) If it's anything like your short horror stories that have been appearing on here in the last couple of months, then I say this book will be very creepy, filled with surprises and spine-tingling moments :)