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Friday, February 24, 2012

You Were Suppose To

You were suppose to be the one
Who saved me.
You were suppose to be the one
Who watched over me.

Instead you are the one
Who has killed me.
Made me feel like I'm not worthy.
Made me feel like I should be alone.

You were the one who I was to be with
The one whom I could be myself around.
You were suppose to be the one for me
The one that made me smile
When I was down.

You were suppose to love me
For everything that I am.
You were suppose to understand
Everything I was about.

You were suppose to hold me
And tell me everything is fine.
To let me rest my head against you chest
As your hands hold mine.

I never knew something could hurt so much
My heart feels like it's breaking in two.
But the worst part is
Knowing that I still love you.


  1. Baby, I'm not sure what happened with you and him, but I do know one thing is for certain - the pain will pass.

    I know you're hurting, Rhiannon, but know this, he has to go his whole life regretting that he ever let you go. I know I bare that same burdon.

  2. Beautiful words by a beautiful mind.

  3. Totally agreeing with Trent. He's not worth your tears or your time. Just write a horror story about burning the hair off his ass and stabbing him in the nuts with a knife and you'll be good.
    Side note: Beautiful words. You can feel the emotion behind them.