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Friday, February 24, 2012

Late Night Escapades

It's late. 

You walk in the front door, dropping your keys on the entrance way table. You close the door and as you remove your tie, you begin to walk towards the bedroom.

The door is shut. Thinking that I am asleep, you push it open quietly. 

The door creaks, but that's not the sound that floods your ears. Panting, groaning, light moans are all you can hear, your eyes adjusting to the darkness. 

I'm lying on the bed, a simple white satin chemise on, straining against my ample breasts, my nipples pushing out against the soft fabric. 

Your cock springs to life as you see what I'm doing. My left hand is tweaking my nipple while my right is exploring my body, slipping down my belly, sliding across my creamy white thighs, exploring my body. My finger teases my clitoris which causes a low moan to escape from my lips.

You watch with interest as I arch my back, my toes gripping the bed covers, my eyes closed as I bring myself closer to an orgasm.

You move from the doorway. The floorboards creak as you scamper to the left. I hear them, stopping myself mid-pleasure, eyes snapping open. I sit up, smoothing down my chemise as you move over to the bed. I see you as you kneel beside me, moving my hair that's damp from perspiration. You kiss my neck, gliding your tongue over my salty skin. Your arms wraps around my body, feeling my breasts, squeezing them, pulling on my nipples until they stand out hard like diamonds.

Kissing down my neck, my collar bone, you slip the straps down over my shoulders, freeing my breasts. The cool air teases my nipples further to the point that I need you to tend to them. You chuckle softly as I whimper. 

Telling me to lie down, I do, as you lean over my body, taking one nipple in my mouth. Your tongue swirls around it, nipping at it gently before sucking on with such force that I cry out, my hands gripping your hair, tugging on it as your finger traces over my thigh. 

I rock my hips a little as your finger plunges inside me. You trace your tongue down over my stomach, around my belly ring, before tracing a line down my thighs, refusing to place your head between my legs. I groan in frustration, pulling on your hair, my nails digging into your scalp.

You glance up at me, smiling, your eyes dancing with delight. The next thing I know your tongue is expertly lashing my clitoris, probing inside me, lapping at my juices while your finger continues to explore the depths of my being. 

My toes grip the sheets. I release your hair, grabbing at the pillow, my knuckles turning white from the forcible grip I have on it. 

My moans get louder until that moment when, from the depth of my core, my body begins to shake. My eyes close, my lips part in a silent cry of pure pleasure.

Before I have recovered, you have removed your clothes and have entered my swollen flesh, thrusting gently, knowing that every single nerve in my body is alive and tingling, as though on fire. I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you closer, allowing you deeper access. 

Our bodies writhe and grind against each other. Sweat on your chest glistens in the moonlight which is creeping through the curtains. My fingers are intertwined with the sheet, my blood red nails lost in a sea of crisp white cotton.

That familiar feeling begins to stir in the pit of my belly as I stare up at you, lovingly. Our bodies grind against each other in perfect synchronisation, our moans of ecstasy in perfect harmony. 

You lay down on me, holding my hands above my head, letting our fingers join. Your eyes stare deeply into mine and despite the darkness, I can see the fire in them.

Closing my eyes, I toss my head back and let out a throaty cry as I come. My nails dig into your hands, my body quivers as I feel your orgasm explode inside me. I can feel the force, the power, of your orgasm, as it rushes deep inside me, filling me.

My legs are still wrapped around you, trapping you inside me. You reach around, unhooking them, slowly sliding out of me. I whimper at the sudden feel of loss. 

A mixture of your juices and mine seep out and trickle down my thigh.

You lie next to me, panting. My eyes close briefly as your hand caresses my breasts. Your touch is light as a feather and it sends chills down my spine. I fix my chemise, pulling it back up, covering my exposed breasts. You groan in disappointment. I look over at you, throwing you my most seductive glance.

You sit up. Both you and your cock are alert and that familiar gleam of wickedness is back in your eyes.

It looks like it's going to be a long night...

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