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Sunday, February 5, 2012

13 More Fun Facts About Rhiannon Irons

Greetings gentle readers,

Feeling a little guilty about having to bail on my interview with Rhiannon Irons, I've decided to indulge you with another 13 Fun Facts list about our favorite erotica writer.


13) Rhiannon sings in the shower.  Not just any song either.  If she's not belting out Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen, she's performing Disney classics from either The Lion King or Beauty And The Beast.

12) Despite having a tattoo of Scar from The Lion King on the back of her neck, The Lion King isn't actually Rhiannon's favorite Disney movie.  Sleeping Beauty is.

11) Rhiannon is a proud Pisces and has now added to her tattoo collection with the Pisces symbol on her left forearm, just below her elbow.

10) Her favorite animal is a tiger and when she was a kid, Rhiannon collected tiger figurines, photos, magnets etc. 

9) Despite owning many Freddy Krueger items signed by Robert Englund, Rhiannon isn't a Freddy fan.  She's a Michael Myers fan.

8) How Rhiannon sees herself against horrors biggest villains:
Michael Myers: Last kill of the movie
Freddy Krueger: Lives because of witty banter
Jason Voorhees: Dead in the first five minutes for being blonde or having sex
Victor Crowley: Dead in the first five minutes for being blonde or having sex
Candyman: Willing to die
Ghostface: Killed out of boredom due to horror trivia banter
Leatherface: Token blonde victim in the first half of the movie
Chucky: Killed somewhere in the middle of the movie

7) Her favorite flowers are lilies (preferably pink), although she does like roses too (pink, red or black).

6) Learned how to swim by watching her first dog Blackie swim in a lake.  Eventually went on to compete in high school in freestyle and breaststroke.

5) Has a weakness for white chocolate.

4) According to her iTunes, Rhiannon listens to Take My Breath Away by Berlin (from the Top Gun soundtrack), Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler, Stronger by Britney Spears and I'll Bite Your Face Off by Alice Cooper more than any other songs.

3) Her last nightmare resulted in the short story, Nightmare Hospital.

2) Rhiannon loves to unwind and de-stress in a scented bubble bath surrounded by candlelight.

1)  At the age of 15, Rhiannon wrote a horror trilogy.  The first film was made while the other two projects were shelved.  Now, 11 years on, Rhiannon is returning to her horror writing roots and producing the movies into book form.  Keep an eye open for all updates about Slayed.


  1. Always nice to read these fun facts. I only knew of one of these and that's because Rhiannon tweets her favorite way to unwind is a bubble bath. Thanks Trent.

  2. How do you know all this stuff, Trent? Whatever the cause and reason, thanks for sharing it. Makes me feel like I know Rhiannon a lot more.
    Are you going to do a top 13 fun facts about yourself?

  3. You're welcome, Dom.

    CiCi. I had the pleasure of dating Rhiannon 11 years ago. We've remained great friends over that period of time. That's how I know so much.

    In regards to a top 13 facts list of myself, I will happily do one if there's a demand. This blog is to showcase and promote Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons and James Thompson. I'm simply the man behind the curtain that makes sure this blog runs smoothly, that there is no spam comments flooding the entries and that everything looks pretty :)