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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Game - Part Five

Phil opened the door to his apartment. Since she arrived, he had been home, only venturing from his room for food and the occasional shower. But for the most part they had been having wild and unpredictable sex. 

Today had been his first day at work and his mind certainly wasn't on the papers that crossed his desk. All he could think about was her body writhing beneath his, her nails clawing his back, her eyes turning from bight blue to a deep green as he played with her hard nipples, his tongue rolling over them, sucking them until she begged for release.

He was suddenly hard....again.

Phil groaned. He hadn't had this many erections since he was 14. There was just something about her. Her mind was a temptress, her body that of a goddess and the way she flickered her tongue across her lips while shooting him an intense stare was so erotic it was a wonder he didn't come right then and there.

He began to undo his tie as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He opened the door.

There she was, stretched out on his bed, lying on her stomach wearing nothing but one of his long sleeved work shirts. She was casually flipping through a magazine, completely unaware that he was even there. A wicked thought sprung to Phil's mind as he slowly crept up behind her, his tie in hand.

“Better think twice,” she said, not looking up from the magazine.

Phil froze. How did she know he was there?

Slowly, she rolled over, a teasing grin on her face. “Welcome home, honey,” she said, sitting up, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. “How was work?”

Phil stammered. He had gone to work. He had been out of the house for ten hours, but he'd be damned if he knew what he had done in those ten hours. “It was good,” he said after a couple of seconds.

She arched an eyebrow, her eyes lingering on the bulge in his pants. “Just good?” she questioned, her eyes moving from his obvious erection to his tie. Phil nodded, as she took the tie from his hand. “What were you going to do with this?” she asked, wrapping it around her neck and attempting to do it up. Reality was, she had no idea what she was doing, so after a couple of seconds, she just let it hang around her neck like a scarf.

“Well, I was thinking of blindfolding you with it, then ripping that shirt open, sucking on your nipples before using my belt to tie your hands behind your back while I fuck you doggy style,” he responded.

She blushed, her jaw falling open. Phil laughed. He was good at taking her teasing and using it against her.

The intense stare he had come to know and love returned to her eyes, her cheeks still tinged with pink blush. She got to her knees and began to unbutton the shirt. “I have a better idea,” she said, seductively.

Phil swallowed hard as his eyes dropped to her chest. He could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of the shirt. He licked his lips and waited for her to take the shirt off.

She didn't. 

Instead she scooted backwards on the bed until she was leaning against the headboard. She parted her legs, allowing him perfect view of her dripping wet pussy.

Her eyes were trained on his as she ran her hand down the plaine of her stomach, her fingers grazing lightly over her bellyring before reaching the heat between her thighs. She let out a strangled cry as her fingers brushed against her clitoris, her eyes rolling back in her head as she rubbed herself.

Phil stood at the foot of the bed, his hands unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside. He discarded his pants and briefs and began stroking himself.

Her eyes fluttered open as she slid one finger inside herself. She caught his eyes and smiled.

Phil's hand became a flurry of motion as he stroked himself faster, his grip tightening. His eyes darkened as he watched his lover pleasure herself. He loved watching her fingers work herself faster, rubbing against her clit, determined to bring on an orgasm. He loved how her brow creased, her lips parted, her eyes closed when a small tremor shot through her body.

Sweat dripped down his nose. He wanted nothing more than to sink his rock hard cock into her moist, tight, wet pussy. He wanted to feel her writhe beneath him, begging him for more, her hips bucking against his. He wanted to tie her up and torture her, forcing her to come again and again.

He closed his eyes, perspiration sliding down his bare chest as he felt his orgasm building. All he could hear was her panting as his cock spewed forth its creamy load.

Her gasps became more audible as she rubbed her clitoris with such fury that her back arched, her body lifting off the bed as with a loud cry of his name, she came.

Phil stood there, staring at his beauty as she came back down from Cloud Nine. Her hand fell away from her body, her thighs twitching as her hand brushed lightly against them. 

He climbed onto the bed, reaching for her. Her eyes fluttered open as he pulled her into his body, his lips pressing against hers. She sighed into his mouth, her tongue massaging his, her fingers massaging his member. Phil groaned, pulling her closer as his cock sprung back to life. 

His hands gripped her hips as he flipped her over onto all fours. She glanced over her shoulder, lowering her torso to the bed as he entered her. She gasped as his full length disappeared inside her. She rocked her hips, grinding her body against him.

Phil grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her back, forcing her back to arch.

The shirt she wore slipped down her arms slightly, sliding off her shoulders, revealing her bare skin. Phil kissed her shoulder, reaching around and cupping her breasts, feeling her nipples harden as he rolled them around between his fingers.

She craned her neck, planting a kiss on his cheek, twisting and contorting her body, her inner muscles squeezing him as she did. Phil groaned, releasing her breasts, allowing her to fall back onto her hands and knees. 

His thrusts became harder and deeper as he strived for another orgasm. His hips slapped against hers, his nails digging into the flesh of hers.

She reached underneath, her fingers brushing lightly over her clitoris. Her body began to shake, her hips making small circles as she bucked back against his hard thrusts as she rubbed herself. She could feel herself growing wetter with each thrust of his hard cock inside her. Combining that with her busy fingers and she was close again.

Phil could feel her body responding. He pulled out of her. She groaned in frustration, her hand dropping from her clitoris. He chuckled as he teased her, the head of his cock entering her swollen flesh. She pushed back, determined to get him to fill her. He pulled back, refusing to give in. He traced his fingers over her vulva, feeling the slickness of her juices as they slid out of her body, trickling down her thigh.

His hands returned to her hips and with a forceful thrust forward, Phil buried his cock deep inside her causing a surprised cry to escape from her.

Their fucking was becoming more and more frantic, their bodies moving in time, each trying to reach their next orgasm. Her hand returned to her clit and was rubbing the delicate little bud as Phil rocked his body against hers, admiring the way her skin flushed when she was aroused. 

Her head snapped back, eyes rolling back in her head, her mouth open in a silent scream as her body began to convulse. Phil could feel her body shake, her pussy twitching as she came for a second time. Her arms gave way, her chest pressing against the bed sheets, her ass pointed upwards. 

Every nerve was alive and tingling. She could feel every stroke of Phil's cock as it pulsed inside her taut body.

Phil groaned as she did that wonderful female trick of squeezing his cock. She turned her head, a satisfied look on her face as she smiled. “Come for me, Phil,” she said, her voice husky, sensual.

Phil didn't need to be asked twice. He picked up the pace, slamming into her wanting body. His grunts were matched by hers until he threw his head back with a cry of satisfaction as he came deep inside her.

He pulled out of her after emptying his load inside her, collapsing on the bed beside her, breathing heavily.

He rolled onto his side, running a hand through her hair, the golden tresses falling through his fingers. “I could get use to this,” she said, snuggling in closer, her head on his chest, their combined loved juice seeping out of her and running down her legs.

Phil kissed her forehead. “I could definitely get use to coming home to you,” he said.

She looked up at him, a wicked gleam in her eye. 

“Just imagine if I worked with you,” she teased, winking at him.


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