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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Year's Nightmare Part One

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted a short story on here and I thought it's about time I bucked up my ideas and followed by Rei's example. I've been reading all of her posts recently and I loved her idea of The Game and its multiple parts. So, in respect of her brilliant storytelling I wanted to follow suit and start my own mutli-part story.

I give to you New Year's Nightmare... Enjoy!



As the crowds cheered rapturously the sky lit up with a thousand fireworks over the river. Beautiful colours flew out of Big Ben, the London Eye unleashed sparkling wonders and boats on the river released an array of the most stunning and deathening fireworks, usurping any previous celebrations held in the capital. Toby and his friends stared at the sky in amazement at the sight that filled their eyes with glimmering light; the trip had been worth it and was a stark change from their usual partying antics on a New Years Eve. Of all the ten in their group of close friends Toby was by far the most adventurous and tonight’s choice of events was far from what he would call his idea of a fun night out. Nevertheless he agreed to join his friends and his faith in their pick had paid off with a spectacular show and a few drinks prior to the big countdown.

After 10 minutes of pure breathtaking fireworks silence broke for a few seconds before a rapturous applause from the quarter of a million in attendance. With the masses then filtering out towards their respective train stations, Toby and the group decided to stay put until they feel it was empty enough for them to make their next move. Discussing between themselves where to head next, seven of the ten took the decision that they had had enough and head for home whilst Toby, Jo and Carl all agreed that the night is far too young not to continue.

Trying to establish where would be best to head for, Toby then caught a beautiful young woman in his eyeline from afar who looked straight back at him. Smiling almost provocatively at him she gestured for him to follow her whilst quickly disappearing down a side street. Overcome with intrigue, Toby had to find out where she had gone and where she was heading.

“Guys can you wait here a second, I’ve just got to check something out.” He asked Jo and Carl, not wanting to tell them why, in fear of them dismissing his intrigue.

“Sure, but don’t be too long, we need to keep this party rolling biatch!” exclaimed Carl.

Walking fast towards the direction of where the woman was originally standing, Toby soon picked up the pace as he fell out of sight of his two friends. Surrounding by houses either side of him, Toby could just about see the figure of his intrigue in the distance, still running, despite wearing relatively high heels. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, curly blonde hair down to her shoulders, a stunning slim figure and a red dress that complimented her in every way possible. But why would she be coaxing him in joining her for the New Year?

Toby didn’t care, lust overcame him, even to the point of not particularly worrying too much about what his friends he had left behind were going to do. He was starstruck at this woman and wanted to get to know her. Turning another corner, he was slowly gaining pace on this elusive female, the cold of the night shunned by his sheer perseverance in the pursuit.

Slowing down, the red-dressed woman entered a metal door leading inside a tower block, which looked from the outside like a slightly low-key and exclusive bar or club. No bouncers out front, Toby looked around the area to make sure no-one was watching him and entered the building.

Stood right in front of him was the woman of his dreams, smiling at the fact that he had finally caught her in the pursuit, almost teasing him with her bright blue eyes that were as beautiful as the oceans on this fair earth.

“Come with me.” She simply said, knowing that Toby was at her beckon call, overcome by the sheer spectacular nature of this unbelievable woman.

Walking through a red curtain they entered the central room of the club. Pumping electro tunes met his ears, almost deafening him with synthesised melodies and a pumping bass that seemingly vibrated the whole area around him. Flashing orange and red lights lit up the venue, with a large dancefloor the pinnacle, full of partying men and women dancing and drinking the night away.

Wading through the crowd, his eyes focused on the one woman he wanted to stay with on this night, his prey, the woman he had longed for all his life. With her back to him he noticed a tattoo on her exposed shoulder. A small red devil wielding his three-pronged weapon, lizard-like tongue visible out of a grinning mouth. This woman was something else.

Soon they reached a door at the far side of the club and exited the crowded dancefloor room. Inside a large sofa, an empty bar and the echoing sound of the music from the room they had just exited. Turning around and grabbing his collar, Toby was thrust onto the sofa with brute force by the red-dressed woman to whom he gleefully declared, “I love a woman who can take control!”

“In that case you’re in for a treat!” she smiled as she leant forward, legs wrapping around his more-than-willing body and moving her lips towards his ear, breath touching his skin causing the slightest of goosebumps.

This night could not be going any better thought Toby.

Then, out of nowhere, the woman pulled a syringe from an undergarment and plunged it into his neck. Instantly he felt a liquid pour into his veins, rendering him unmovable. His limbs seized up, his tongue could only produce a slurred sound and as his eyes drifted away to a blur all he could see was the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen with the most evil smile on a face that he had ever witnessed.

Before he passed out she had one last message for him.

“Lust is the cause of pain!”

Toby soon fell into a deep sleep and his New Year's nightmare was set to begin...


  1. Sexy and scary! Welcome back, James. That tale was worthy of a long wait. Well done : )

  2. Great story James. Fantastic. I can't wait to see what the other parts contain. If they're anything like this, this New Year's Nightmare is going to be one hell of a series. Great job and to echo Rhiannon Irons, welcome back!

  3. I should have guessed from the title that this wasn't going to be an erotic story but seriously the discriptions of the woman was quite erotically charged, especially when she took charge. I thought that maybe you might rival ReiRei in the sexy department for a moment.

    Great nightmare. Couldn't think of anything worse than being lured by a beautiful woman only to have her pull the rug out from under you. Well done, dude!

  4. Wow, very creepy, James. I agreed with Sammy G in that at first I thought maybe this was going to be an erotic tale. Then our lovely lady turns psycho on Toby. Great story. I can't wait to see what else you produce. Between you and Rhiannon, there's no hope left for future horror writers ha-ha. :-)

  5. Sweet story. Very captivating. As Rhiannon Irons said in the first comment, The Final Curtian welcomes you back, James, with open arms.

    Seeing as this is part one, I must say I'm looking forward to seeing how it play out. If this part is any indication, part two should be filled with more mystery, thrills and chills. Well done.

  6. Great story! Can't wait to see what happens next.
    On a side note, why is it white around the story? It's a little distracting.

  7. Amy,

    Honestly, I have no idea why the story itself is surrounded by white. I'm working on it in an attempt to get back to the regular color scheame of the blog. So far, I have been unsuccessful. I can only assume it has something to do with the program that James used to initially write the story, in which case it is out of my hands. I do apologise for it.

  8. Update: I was able to finally remove the white from around the story itself. Color-wise this post now blends beautifully with the rest of the blog. I hope you all enjoy the story.

  9. Fantastic story. Can't wait to read part2

  10. Yay James is back! This is my favourite story of his to date. Great job and thank you for making a return. Can't wait to see what happens to Toby in part 2.