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Sunday, January 29, 2012


They dominate the darkness.

They haunt the landscape of our nightmares, leaving us with a sense of fear and fascination.

They are the legendary supernatural beings that dwell in the shadowy realm of our imaginations.

They are vampires. 

Sworn to evil, they are the blood drinkers that send chills down our spine at the mere thought that we may be their next meal.  

Forget Dracula, Edward, Angel, Spike and yes, even Louis and Lestat.  The older tales are much darker, filled with more fear than one could ever imagine.  They are not some fairytale creature that you tell stories about to rock your children to sleep at night. 

No.  These fables are reasons for madness and insanity.  They are the reasons for sickness of the mind, for riots and plagues.

Vampires walk this Earth and you would not even know.  Not until it was too late.

Their fangs glisten with blood as they drain you, leaving you for dead in a darkened alley way.  And just as they appeared, they are gone, leaving you behind, writhing in pain, begging for the icy cold hand of death to reach out and grasp you.

As your body takes its last few breaths, you see the one who took your life.  He stands, watching you, with eyes red as fire.  There is no warmth to him.  He is simply death.  And now, your time is up.


  1. Nice chill running up my spine. Nice short story. Reminds me a little of the time you wrote about The Angel Of Death. Well done

  2. Loved the pop culture reference. Dracula, Edward, Angel, Spike, Louis and Lestat. Nice story!