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Friday, January 13, 2012

How Can You...

How can you not know what you did?
How can you not remember what you said?
How can you stand there and lie to me
About where you were and what you were doing?

How can I trust you again?
How can I ever look at you the same?

How can I smile again
When all I feel is pain?

How can we ever make it through this?
How can we be strong again?
How can we deal with what has happened
And get back to what we use to be?

Once the trust is gone
It's gone forever
Once a smile is replaced by pain
The pain will always show

Though my tears are drying up
And my sobbing has come to an end
It doesn't mean I give you permission
To hurt me again

How can you understand
That I don't want a man
Who's only out to hurt me
And make me cry again?

How can I make you see
That I'm stronger today because of me?
How can I tell you
That I'm through with your games?

How can we move on?
How can we continue to get along?
Our circle of friends lapse into each other
There's no escape from one another

How can you...
How can I...
How can we...

Is this really our goodbye?
Is this how you want it to end?
Is this the way we're going to act?
Pretending that we were never friends?

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