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Monday, January 23, 2012

Have You Ever

Have you ever noticed when
Things don't go right
That's the time when
People want to end their life?

Have you ever received
A smile from a stranger?
A simple act of kindness
Can always ward off anger

Have you ever noticed
That the world continues to turn
Even when the chips are down
And you've just be burned?

Have you ever seen
A couple in love?
They kiss, they cuddle
They push and shove

Have you ever wanted
To be included in the discussion
Regardless of the topic
Or the repercussions?

Have you ever fallen
In love head over heels
For someone who wasn't right
But had a killer set of wheels?

Have you ever loved someone
So much that it makes you cry
Knowing you can't live without them
For you would simply die?

I have noticed all these things
And have come to know
That kindness tends to leave us
With a healthy glow

So before you run off
Before you leave to endeavor
Look around and ask yourself
Have you ever

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