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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had reservations about posting this when it was first presented to me as it may offend some readers, however it's too powerful not to include.  Originally aired on thanks to Kristian J. Hanson, I am now proud to present a poem by my very good friend, Paige McGuire.  You can sent her a message on Twitter @Poisoned_Paige or else leave a comment below.

Feel the power and the pain behind these words - amazing work.

Lots of Love
Rhiannon Irons

My life is in ruins
My arms ache
My head spins
How long have I been here?
When will I be released?
What have I done to secure such torment?
What am I suppose to do?
I call for Him but He doesn’t answer
Has he forsaken me?
Am I suppose to die here?

The last time I spoke to Him
He told me to move on.
How can I move on
When my feet are nailed to this very spot?
The pain engulfs my very being
The blood pours from the open wounds
Like the stormy skies that rage above me
Threatening to doom us all

Then He appears before me
And I question
Is He Heaven sent?
No, He cannot be
No angel would look like that
As if He knows what I am thinking
His dark eyes fixate on me
Sending shivers through my body
Up my spine
The evening air is chilled
My heart beats against my breast
Is He here to finish me?

He opens His mouth
His voice is that of a serpent
He is a demon
A demon capable of killing us all
What does He want with me?
He is a demon with a plan

He says He can free me
Free me from my prison
With a nod of His head
I feel the nails shift and the wood crack
I fall
I hit the blood soaked ground
My wrists have streams of flowing blood
Gushing from the sliced wounds
I kiss His feet
Thanking Him ever so
For freeing me
He laughs a cold laugh
There is no warmth to Him

He says that I am free
But at what price?
I must sell my soul to Him
For eternity
To do His bidding
To pay for His service
And I do
For I was not meant to live
And the belief of my Resurrection
Is what draws people to me
To work for me

I was not meant to live
I was not suppose to survive
But in the hearts of believers
I have not died
I have simply moved on
He watches over me
Over those that follow
But do not fear Him
His demon days are long gone
His voice no longer that of a serpent
But that of an angel
His presence is felt
Whenever people need hope

As for me
I’ve paid my dues
My wounds have healed
But you can still see the scars
The torture and torment
Made me stronger
As it has done for you

My Resurrection
My life
Has come to an end
I’ve paid the ultimate price
For I am Jesus Christ


  1. Powerful. Considering everything Paige has been through with her ex-husband, I don't find this offensive at all. I applude her for releasing her emotions creatively. Well done, P!

  2. Paige is talented and I'm in full agreement with TJJ. After all she has been through, I don't find this poem in anyway to be offensive. I do, however, appreciate the warning that is given by Rei in advance.
    Here, at The Final Curtain, we care!