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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello everyone,

I have a special treat for you tonight.  This short poem I wrote when I was 13.  I found it while I was reading some old journals of mine (it pays to keep them around).  I hope you like it.

Rhiannon Irons


You follow me
Though I don't know why.
We don't know each other
Nor have we tried
To get to know one another.
To build a common bond
Instead you follow me
Like you are fond
Of everything little thing I do.
Every little word I say
Is magnified in your mind
Causing me pain.

Your obsession is blinding.
It's starting to scare me.
You're jealous of everyone
Who even looks at me.
I can't take this anymore.
You are not in love.
Everything in your mind
Is built out of lust.

It's just an fixation
That has you obsessing.
For me it's a curse
For you it's a blessing
To be so close to me.
To have such a high expectation 
Of what our lives are meant to be
It's not love, it's infatuation.

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem. Lust can turn to love over time once two parties know each other. I speak from experience.
    Just a question, when will we see a new interview with you and James? Has Trent come back from his trip to Aruba?