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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ode To A Soldier's Wife

I remember our first kiss
I still feel it on my lips
I remember you dancing with me beneath the stars

I can't believe you're gone
I can't move on
And now I dance alone

I woke up this morning
Stretching and yawning
And thought I heard your voice
I rushed down the stairs
Your voice disappears
And all I can see is breakfast

Sitting alone at our special spot
High above the tree tops
I see your face in the clouds
Twirling a strand of my hair
Wishing that you were here
And writing our names in the sand

My phone begins to ring
I consider not answering
Until I see that it's your number
With a shaking hand
I agree to your plan
To meet you at the airport

You're as handsome as can be
And I'm just the same old me
Nervously smiling in your direction
You laugh as you begin to tell
Me that all is well
And that you're back for good

I never thought I'd be happy again
After living with so much strain
Of worrying how you were
Praying that you were alright
Didn't make it easier to sleep at night
But I'm glad God answered my prayers

Now you've returned to me
And I'm as happy as can be
No more can war keep us apart
A special dinner has been reserved
And it's thoroughly deserved
Now that you're back from Iraq


  1. This is so cute. Loved it

  2. Nice poem. I can't imagine how the spouses of those at war feel. No doubt they're praying everyday that their loved one comes home safe and sound. Really nice piece of poetry. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing :-)