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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My life passes me by
Day by day
Little by little
I slowly fade away

Into the darkness of ruins
I can't help but cry
My pleas fall on deaf ears
And I wonder why

How did this happen?
How did it become hard?
Why can't I do something
Rather than sitting here scarred

Scarred by life
Scarred by you
Scarred by being unsure
Unsure of what is true

Scarred by the pressures
Set upon me by the world
Scarred by the fears
Of what it means to be a perfect girl

But what makes this more tragic
Is how you don't care
I cry and I bleed
And you don't shed a single tear

It is only I 
That can save me from hell
It is up to me
To break your spell

A spell that has me
Cowering in fear
Wishing against all hope
That you would stay here

Instead I watch as you leave
My life nothing but a single shard
Of broken glass and dreams
That has left me eternally scarred

1 comment:

  1. Wow ReiRei, this was really good. A little scary but what else have we come to expect from your poetry. Good job