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Monday, January 9, 2012

13 More Fun Facts About Rhiannon Irons

Hello again gentle readers.

I did tell you that another series of 13 fun facts about our main writer would make an appearance this month.  I hope you enjoy them and learn something new.


13) Is a huge Richmond Tigers fan and possesses many items baring her teams logo from clothing to bed sheets to posters. Upon Richmond making the Grand Final, she will get their logo tattooed on her body.

12) Is an avid drinker of Pepsi Max and has one glass/can of it a day.

11)  Doesn't like reality TV shows with the exception of Miami, LA and New York Ink.

10) Has an eclectic taste in music ranging from Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys to Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper to Cher and Buddy Holly.

9) Can not be woken by anything other than the theme music from Halloween.

8) Hosts murder mystery parties at least twice a year. Plans them and decorates the house in accordance to what the theme of the mystery is eg. Western, Burlesque etc.

7) Refuses to discuss politics or religion as they are two arguments no one can win.

6) Wants to be married at Mt. Tamborine in Queensland with a garden wedding.

5) Loves to cook and her speciality is chicken kievs, completely home made teamed with steamed vegetables and drizzled lightly with her special chicken gravy.

4) Hates people who commit animal cruelty with a passion and often believes they should face the same kind of torture that they bestow upon the animal. 

3) Wanted to paddle her surfboard across Bass Straight for charity, but it was deemed to dangerous, so instead she donates blood regularly. 

2) Her idea of a perfect proposal (listen up fellas!) is in the middle of Central Park at dusk during winter while snow falls softly to the ground.

1) Rhiannon Irons is a dreamer by nature and is a firm believer that dreams can tell you things that reality can't.


  1. Cool list. I'm learning more and more things about my favorite erotica/horror writer :-) Thanks Trent!

  2. I too am a firm believer of dreams telling us things. No wonder I like to sleep a lot hahahaha. Thanks for the list Trent. Are we going to see one about James too?

  3. CiCi,
    I don't know James as well as what I know Rhiannon. I've known Rhiannon for 10 years where as I've known of James for less than a year. I do welcome him however to provide his own list if he would like.

  4. Great list. I like reading up on the writers. That's what makes this blog so much different from others. It's fun and interactivite.