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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night I laid awake in bed thinking about sexual fantasies.  So, after speaking with a few girlfriends today, I've decided to share a few.  Enjoy.

Fantasy #1:  Role Playing.  It's a pretty common fantasy for many women (it certainly was among my girlfriends).  Boss and Secretary, doctor and nurse, or how about that naughty little school girl and her teacher?  You don't need to buy fancy costumes - for the latter one just a simple plaid skirt, white blouse and put your hair in pigtails.  It's adorable, and it will be more fun then you can poke a stick at.

Fantasy #2:  This is an extension of Fantasy #1 - Play rape.  Yes, you read that right.  As someone who has lived through the real life experience, I can tell you it's not fun, but it is a common fantasy.  I personally believe it's a way of giving into your naughty side and relinquishing control over to your partner.  But, I beg you, if you choose this fantasy, make sure you use a safe word like 'Orange' or something along those lines.  Once that word is said, your partner should stop.  Should they continue, then it officially becomes rape.

Fantasy #3:  Still with the role playing - sex slave.  Chains, whips, blindfolds can all be involved.  I find this to be a far safer way of relinquishing control over to your 'Marster'.  A simple dog collar around the neck complete with a lead is all the costume you'll need.  (Note: If you find the thought of being tied to a bed with handcuffs and/or chains intimidating, use silk scarves.  It adds a little spice without being scary)

Fantasy #4:  Romance.  Name one girl that doesn't want to swept off her feet by romance.  Lounge in a luxurious bubble bath, surrounded by the flickering lights of many candles, with your partner sitting behind you, their legs on the outside of yours, their hands running up and down your arms while they kiss your neck. It's sensual, it's romantic, it's hot.  Or maybe sprinkle rose petals on the bed before making love with passion and tenderness.  Do it in front of a roaring fire on a soft rug while it snows outside.  It's movie cliche` but believe me even a girl with a heart of ice will melt at this.  

Fantasy #5:  Getting Caught.  This one is rort with danger.  Having sex in a public place.  The thrill of getting caught will always add spice and heat to a relationship.  Grouping in the back of a movie theater, having sex in a public bathroom, doing it against a brick wall in an alleyway.  Whatever you're kick is, just remember if you are caught, be prepared for the consequences.

Five fantasies from the minds of my girlfriends and I that will add some spice to any relationship.  Feel free to contact me in regards to your fantasies.  Leave a comment here or on my Twitter account.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I loved being tied up during sex. It's soooooo hot. Thanx 4 this

  2. printin off to shw my man - thanx rei