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Monday, August 15, 2011

Rendezvous - Part Three

Closing the door behind you, you smile as I lay on the bed.  I haven't taken my eyes off you or your magnificent body. 

A wicked smile plays on your face as you grab my ankles.  I let out a squeal as you pull me towards the end of the bed.  My hands grip the sheets as you tear me downwards, until my legs are hanging over the end of the bed.

Wrapping your arms around my thighs, holding me in place, you begin to tease my body.  You kiss my inner thigh, gently blowing warm air onto it, watching my reaction.  My eyes close as your tongue traces an invisible line down my inner thigh towards my knee.  I let out a low primal growl, wishing that invisible line was heading upwards.

I can feel your breath on my skin as you chuckle silently.  I am resisting every urge to grab you by your hair and force your head between my thighs. 

I take a couple of deep breaths.  This is your game.  My body is your instrument and you're allowed to play with it however you see fit. 

You kiss my ankle.  My eyes open and I prop myself up on my elbows, watching you.  You look up at me, your dark eyes dancing with delight.  You touch my feet and begin to tickle.  I cry out, attempting to kick you, to free myself from your grip.  I fail. 

You sit on top of me, pinning me under your body.  Your hands tickle my ribs.  I'm laughing so hard that tears have sprung to my eyes.  I'm fighting to breathe.  In between gasps of air, I'm begging you to stop. 

"I will on one condition," you say, leaning down, your chest against mine.  "You sit on my face until I let you come."

I can feel my cheeks growing warm and I know that I am blushing.  I nod quickly, desperate for another orgasm.  After all, you did promise me that your tongue was better then your finger.

You lie on the bed, and I awkwardly look at you, wondering how the hell I'm going to do this.  I scramble to my knees.  I place one leg on either side of your body.  You pull me forward so that I'm practically sitting on your chest.  I can feel my wetness as I'm sure you can too.  I slide a hand down my body but you stop me, informing me that it is you who is bringing me to an orgasm.

"Yes, Master," I say teasingly as I rub my nipples, pinching them between my fingers.  They are so hard that it hurts. 

As if feeling my pain, you place a firm hand on my back, pushing me down, until you can suck them into your mouth.  Your tongue flickers across them before you suckle them, teasing me, making me wetter.  It won't take much to get me off from here.

I pull away, my nipple slipping from your mouth.  I kneel and begin to move up your body.  I rest my hands on the headboard of the bed as I lower myself onto your mouth.

I can feel your tongue glide along my lips, your hands on my thighs, so I can't move anywhere. 

The tip of your tongue tickles my clit which causes a mini shock wave to shoot through my body.  I move slightly, attempting to get out of your reach, but you hold me still, taunting me with your talented tongue.

My breathing changes.  From deep breaths, it becomes short and shallow.  My grip has tightened on the headboard of the bed.  My knuckles have turned white. 

You're still holding me down, your tongue expertly exploring my pussy, tickling my clitoris before sucking it entirely into your mouth.

The pleasure waves begin to roll in.  You release my left thigh from your death grip.  I can feel your hand running over my ass and lower back before joining your tongue inside me.

It's this last action that has my eyes flying open, a strangled cry escaping from my plump lips as my body convulses around your finger. 

You continue to lick at my clit, sucking it into your mouth, prolonging my orgasm.  I beg you to stop when I can't take any more.  Sweat falls from my brow.  You shimmy your way out from under me.  My legs feel as though they are made from jelly.  You place your hand on my shoulder while you unhook my fingers from the death grip that they have on the bed head.

I collapse against the sheet, trying to get my breathing back to normal.  My hair is matted to my body, knotted no doubt.

I look at you through glassy eyes.  "That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had," I tell you, reaching for you.  You smile, taking my hand and leaning down for a kiss.  I can taste myself on your lips as our tongues dance together.

"You're welcome," you whisper, lying down behind, wrapping your hands around my body.  "But you do know we're not finished yet."

To be continued . . . 


  1. Very sexy, Rei. Speaking from experience now? Either way, very hot.

  2. got a boner can't wait to see wat else is in that mind of yours

  3. i read 1..2..and 3... this is like that lolli-pop many stories does it take to get to the center of a jizzy-pop lol sheets!