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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rendezvous - Part Four - The Finale

The warm water washed down over me, washing the suds of the shampoo down the drain.  I close my eyes as the water runs down over my face, dripping from the end of my nose and chin.

Reaching for the conditioner, I smile as I think about you.  You lying naked in the bed that resides no less then three feet outside the bathroom door.  Naked, hugging the pillow as you sleep.  I'm hoping that you're dreaming of me.

I lather my hair up, piling it on top of my head, making sure to coat it completely in the conditioner.  You always mock me for the way I spend so long taking care of my hair.  I usually just flash you a smile and remark that I only do it so it'll be strong and healthy which means that you'll be able to pull on it when we're getting dirty.  That usually shuts you up for a little while.

With my hair piled on top of my head, I reach for the vanilla and rose scented body wash that you bought me.  I squeeze a generous amount on a loofah and began to wash my body.  My arms, my breasts, my stomach and thighs. 

The loofah teases my nipples causing them to stand to attention.  I can't help but pause as I enjoy the sensations.  Slipping a hand down the plain of my body, I spread my legs slightly, allowing my wandering hand to feel my body. 

A finger slips inside me and I let out a low moan.  I am really wet which is kind of obvious considering I'm in the shower.  But the thought of you causes a different kind of moisture. 

I quiver slightly as the loofah drops from my hand and I withdraw my finger.  I cup my breasts, squeezing them together, my fingers taunting my erect nipples. 

My eyes are closed, my breathing is ragged.  I would give anything to have you touch me. 

Suddenly I can feel your hands on my hips.  My eyes fly open in surprise.  Craning my neck to see over my shoulder, I gasp.  You're standing there, a sleepy grin on your face.  "Having fun without me?" you tease, placing your hands on top of mine, squeezing my breasts and simultaneously pulling me into your body.  I can feel your erection press against my flesh.  "How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as you kiss my shoulder.

"Long enough," you reply before forcefully kissing me.  My hair cascades down my back like a golden waterfall as you push me gently under the stream of running water.  I moan, raking my nails down your chest, feeling the water bounce off. 

Our tongues dance together, your hips grinding against mine.  I want you inside me so desperately.  I pull away from you, gasping for air.  My eyes are still emerald green.  You smile knowingly as you lift my leg, wrapping it around your arm as you hold me against the cool tiles.

With one thrust you're inside me.  I gasp and shudder.  Your hair is matted to your forehead as you ask me if I'm alright.  I nod, unable to find my voice. 

You begin slowly, short, shallow thrusts before I beg you to nail me harder.  You grin and with one swift motion, have lifted me completely off the floor.  I gasp, gripping your shoulders, my nails digging into your skin as you continue to fuck me with the same intensity as a NASCAR sprint.

Your arms are the only support I have.  Throwing my head back, I let out a throaty cry.  You grin, knowing that the rhythm of our bodies is drawing me closer to a climax.  My nails sink into your shoulder, my eyes are closed.  "Oh, baby, don't stop," I beg, biting my lower lip. 

"Look at me," you say.  I obey, my eyes opening slightly.  "Kiss me."  A faint smile plays on my lips as I lean down. 

Our lips touch.  My lips part.  Your tongue massages mine, flickering in and out of my mouth with the same intensity as which your cock pumps into me. 

I wrap my legs around your torso, squeezing you the best I can.  You groan and our mouths part.  My breathing hitches in my throat as you bite down on my nipple.  A mini orgasm passes through me.  I know you felt it too.  I can feel you staring at me. 

"Come for me, baby," you whisper.  Your words are almost lost in the sounds of running water.  I moan a reply, thrusting my hips towards you, squeezing your cock with my inner muscles. 

You groan and I feel you shifting.  I ask if you're OK when my sentence is cut off by you rubbing your thumb against my clit.  I groan with pleasure and come hard.  You can feel my body convulse.  You groan as you come inside me, your come mixing with mine.

You lower me to the ground.  My legs are shaking but you won't let me fall.  You hold me upright, running your hand through my hair, your fingers entangled in strands of sunshine gold.  You kiss me, sweetly, deeply.  "Happy?" you ask.

"Very," I reply, collapsing against your chest.  I can feel your heart beating as the water makes the same noise against my back.  Your hand slips down my body, grabbing my ass.  "Good," you say.  "Because we have this room for another two nights."


  1. Fantastic read. Loved this series! You should publish them in a book coz that would be hot!!!