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Monday, August 29, 2011

Escapade - Part One

She was older then him.  Four years older to be exact.  But that didn't matter.  She was what he craved.  She was what he wanted to wake up to.  Her eyes enchanted him.  Her smile was infectious and her body was.....whoa!

He took a step back from the balcony, admiring the beauty that was lying in the bed.  It was the second time that they had gotten a hotel room together and they had made quick work of discarding their clothes.

She had raked her nails down his back as he unzipped her dress.  He slid it over her ample breasts, guiding the dress down over her curvaceous hips, letting it fall freely to the ground.  She kicked it aside, tossing her mane of sunshine gold hair back over her shoulders.  Her green eyes filled with desire as she licked her lips.  She wanted him more then she could say. 

He discarded her bra and panties before asking her lie down on the bed.  He groped her body, running his fingers across her erect nipples.  Her breasts were one of her best features, so full and luscious that it was almost criminal.  He placed his mouth over her nipple and flickered his tongue against it before biting it gently.  She closed her eyes, a low moan escaping from her.  

Her moan changed to a groan when he moved away from her.  He chuckled slightly as she reached for him.  He knelt down on the floor and placed his head between her thighs. 

He was good at teasing and he knew that she loved it.  The first time that they were together, he had tied her to the bed and teased her until she begged him to fuck her.  Today, however, was different.  He had already explored her body.  He knew her reactions.  He knew how tight she was.  How hot.  He knew that she wanted him more then anything.

He licked the length of her pussy.  Moisture flooded his mouth as she shivered slightly, her hands groping her breasts, fingering her nipples.  She looked down at him, catching his eye and shot him the hottest, smouldering look that she could muster.

His groin tighten painfully.  He shifted his weight and continued to eat her out.  He changed his pace, moving faster before slowing down and completely sucking her clitoris into his mouth.  

A shudder ripped through her as she let out a throaty cry of pleasure, her eyes wide.  He continued to suck her clit, prolonging her orgasm.  She begged him to stop.  

He smiled as he stood up and unzipped his pants.  The sight of his erect cock had her scooting to the edge of the bed.  She wet her lips and made a play for him.  She placed her mouth over his length and began to tease him to the best of her ability.

"Holy shit," he murmured as the heat of her mouth wrapped around him.  Her tongue swirled around his head, tickling the delicate skin.  Her hand wrapped around the base and began jerking him off in smooth, fluid motions.

He pushed her away.  He didn't want to come so soon.  Nor did he want to come in her mouth.  He grabbed her legs, spreading them wide and inserted himself into her tight body.  She moaned and bucked her hips forward, squeezing her inner muscles so that he was trapped inside her.

Lust filled her eyes as they stared at one another.  Slowly, he began to pull out of her.  She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer to her body.  He obliged, thrusting deep inside her.  "Ohh, babe, you're so tight," he said into her shoulder as he quickened the rhythm.  Her response was a sultry look and a low moan.

Her hand gripped the bed sheets while the other one groped her breasts, digging her purple nails into her juicy flesh.  

His pace quickened.  This was no longer making love, nor were they teasing each other.  This was primal animal fucking at it's finest.

A scream tore from her mouth as his cock hit that spot.  That single spot inside her that sent her into a sea of ecstasy and pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.  

His own orgasm wasn't that far behind.  He announced it as he shot his thick, creamy load inside her.  He collapsed on her, his head buried in a sea of golden curls.  He felt her nails trail down his back, clawing at him.

Using his forearms, he propped himself up, staring intently into her eyes.  Her face was flushed, her cheeks pink.  She kissed him, her tongue massaging his. 

They parted and he pulled out of her.  She whimpered in protest as he stood before her.  She felt empty.  She reached down, rubbing herself, feeling the combination of her come mixed with his as it trickled from her pussy.

She stared up at him, her green eyes were glassy.  She was satisfied.  He lent down and kissed her passionately.  "Careful," she whispered, licking his neck with the tip of her tongue.  "Otherwise you'll have to fuck me again."

"I have every intention of it," he told her, planting a kiss on her forehead.  Her eyes darkened and the expression of interest played across her face as he stepped outside in all his naked glory. 


  1. Fuck yeah - hot stuff!!!

  2. "This was no longer making love, nor were they teasing each other. This was primal animal fucking at it's finest" - Best description ever! Well done on the descriptions - love it ; )

  3. OMFG! Hot as HELL!!!

  4. Not as strong as the Rendezvous series, but still smokin' - how do you come up with this?

  5. Nice work. Very descriptive. Can see it happening in my mind.

  6. So hot. A bit short, but then again, fucking doesn't have to take 10 pages to describe ;)