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Monday, August 1, 2011

Declaration Of War

You ignore me.
My pleas go unanswered.
Yet you respond to others.
You wonder why I'm hurting.
You wonder why I'm furious.
My anger is stronger then Jason Voorhees
Who has just discovered some campers.
My rage is blinding.
I have to communicate through friends
Because the only words I have for you
Are going to be censored.
You can block me.
You can ignore me.
But I will not be silenced.
My hatred for you is strong.
Stronger the the fear that Freddy lives off.
I am disgusted
By your lack of compassion
By your ability to ignore
By the fact that you simply don't care.
Rage is what will start this.
This war is now in full swing.
You can either back down
And hand me my victory
And leave with your dignity
Or you can fight.
But be warned.
My declaration of war
Comes with a price.
For fighting me means losing
All you have struggled to keep.
Friends, fans, family.
All will be lost
In a war of wits.
This is my oath.
This I promise.
Mess with me and face the consequences.
I am evil.
I am pain.
I am the reason
For acid rain.
I make no apologises.
I say what I feel.
If you can't handle my fire
Then get out of my kitchen.
Surrender now.

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