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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rendezvous - Part One

I roll over.  Your face stares back at me, eyes closed, mouth open slightly.

I sigh as I sit up, wrapping the sheet around my naked body.  I survey the room.  Rose petals litter the floor, the candles have burned out and the sun is streaming through a crack in the curtains. 

The sun?  I do a double take.  Since when did it become morning?

You stir.  I glance over my shoulder.  You're just changing positions.

I toss the covers off and make my way into the bathroom.

I turn on the shower and check my reflection.  My blond hair is a mess, knotted, and sticking up in seventy-five different directions, and my mascara has smudged under my eyes.  It's not a pretty sight.

I stick my hand into the running stream of water.  Perfect.  I climb in. 

Squeezing some shampoo into my hand I begin to lather my hair. 

I smile as I think about how our night started.

I arrived at the hotel.  You were already here.  I messaged you saying I was in the lobby to which you replied with the room number.  I took the elevator to the seventh floor and walked the hall until I found room 713.  I knocked on the door and rocked back and forth on my heels waiting for you to answer. 

You pulled the door open, looking as handsome as always, wearing tight fitting black pants and stylish button up shirt.  I stared down at my summer sun dress, mentally kicking myself for not dolling myself up more.

You grabbed my hand, pulling me into your body, kissing me passionately as you kicked the door closed.  My hands ran up and down your chest as I contently sighed.  "I missed you," you whisper into my ear.  A smile plays on my lips as I stare up at you, my eyes turning jade green.

You take me by my hand into the bathroom.  You have run me a bubble bath.  Rose petals line the bubbles and candles line the bath, their flames flickering, casting a romantic yellow glow.  "I want you to relax," you say as you close the door, leaving me alone.  I strip off, gliding my dress down over the curve of my hip, it dropping to the floor without a sound.  I removed my heels, dropping back down to my five-foot-six frame.  I discard my bra and panties and climb into the bath.

Closing my eyes, I tune out everything.  I've had a hard day at work and the only thing that has gotten me through it is knowing that I'm going to be with you tonight.  My hand glides over my knee, sinking beneath the waters surface, exploring my inner thigh before sliding a single finger into myself.

I jump when a second finger slides in.  My eyes open.  You are kneeling beside the bath, a cheeky smile on your face.  You withdraw your finger and make me remove mine.  I groan but you kiss my forehead.  "Patience, pretty one," you say.  You run your hands over my legs, refusing to touch me where I need it.  You cup my breasts, feeling my nipples harden for you.  I stare intensely, silently begging for you to release me.

As if reading my mind, you stand.  You begin to unbutton your shirt, revealing your toned torso.  You drop your shirt to the floor before removing your shoes and pants.  The bulge in your briefs tell me that you're as ready as I am.  You discard them, smiling at me.  

With a bubble covered hand I reach for your member, slowly gliding my hand up and down the shaft.  Your eyes close and I take that as my opportune moment.  My tongue darts out of my mouth and licks the tip of your cock.  You groan as I repeat this last movement.

You dance out of my reach.  You shake your head when I protest.  "When I come, I want it to be inside you," you say.  I pout.  You just laugh and tell me to scoot forward.  I obey and you climb in behind me.  You pull me back, my head resting against your chest as your hands explore my body.  You kiss my neck, sending shivers down my spine, as your finger finds its way back inside me.

"You're wet," you breath, kissing my neck and shoulder, as your finger slides in and out of my body.  "Of course I am," I reply, my breath hitching in my throat.  "I'm in a bath."  You chuckle before whispering, "Smart ass," into my ear.

You hook your finger slightly, thrusting it upwards, causing a surprised cry from me.  My hands grip the bath edge so tight, my knuckles turn white.  My eyes close as you repeat this movement, each time going a little deeper. 

I can feel your cock pulsing against my back.  I desperately want you inside me but I can't find my voice to ask. 

You watch my reactions, smiling.  You can feel I'm close to my first orgasm.  You continue to plunder the depths of my being until your finger hits that point.  My eyes shoot open, a cry escaping from my lips, a pink tinge rushing to my cheeks as my body shakes. 

Whispering soothing words into my ear, you withdraw, rubbing my arms in an attempt to stop the shaking.  I lean against you, breathing hard.  You watch as my chest rises and falls rapidly.  "I told you that you'd enjoy it," you say, kissing my cheek, your tongue darting into my ear.

I turn my head slightly, my eyes glazed over.  They are still green.  I swallow hard.  "You were right," is all I can say.  I feel as though my body has been zapped and has left me with no energy.

You smile, your eyes lighting up with delight.  "Just think, if that's what I can do with my finger, imagine what I can do with my tongue." 


  1. Wow. Now I think it's safe to say you're back to your best. Whatever the inspiration, don't let it get away.

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