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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tease

She admitted it.  She loved to tease him.  She loved brushing her body against his, sending shivers running down his spine and the blood rushing to his groin.  She loved how a simple glance would cause him to blush and to cross his legs in hopes of hiding his sudden erection.

She was good at it.  The flip of her hair, her intense stare, the simple licking of her plump bottom lip.  He hadn't had so many public erections since he was fourteen.  She was going to pay for it.

He watched her from his bedroom window.  She climbed out of the car, her long creamy legs climbing high up her skirt, her breasts straining against the fabric of her shirt.  Her blond hair was half way down her back and, even from a distance, he could see the wicked gleam in her green eyes.

She knocked on the door and it swung open.  "Jon?" she called as she stepped inside.  Jon smiled as he strolled into the lounge to greet her with a passionate kiss.  She felt herself moan as their lips touched.  She opened her mouth and allowed him to explore her with his tongue. 

She pressed her hand against his chest, pushing him away as their lips parted.  His eyes fluttered open only to see that stare he had come to know oh-so well.

He took her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom.  Pulling her into his body, he ran his hands up and down her arms while kissing her.  He knew she had a sensitive neck.  He knew there was a single spot that would always cause her to grow weak at the knees. 

He kissed it, gently nipping at the skin.  She gasped, eyes closing.  Her impressive chest rose quickly as her breathing became short and shallow.

He unbuttoned her shirt, sliding it down her body and dropping it to the floor.  He discarded her skirt in the same manner.  She felt his hands holding her waist as he continued to suck on her neck. 

Reaching behind her, he unclasped her bra, tossing it over his shoulder.  She wouldn't be needing it.  He pulled away, smiling wickedly.  Hooking his thumbs into the waist-band of her white lace panties, he yanked them down over her thighs before she could protest.

Placing a large hand on her belly, he gave her a gentle nudge, pushing her onto the bed.  She bounced ungracefully, her eyes clouding over with interest.  Never had he been this forceful with her.

She opened her mouth but he silenced her with a kiss.  She groaned, eyes closing, as she felt him push her down onto the bed.  She was trapped underneath his body, her hands holding his above her head.

Something cold locked around her wrist.  She broke the kiss and looked up.  He had cuffed her left hand to the bed post.  She tugged at it.  It wouldn't budge.  She cursed as he locked her right one to the other post.

He watched as she pulled at the restraints.  When he was satisfied that she couldn't escape he walked off, leaving her tied up and naked.

He didn't leave her for long, returning with a piece of red satin cloth.  He approached the bed.  She looked at him.  The naughtiness had left her eyes and was replaced by fear.  He sat beside her, his hand caressing her cheek.  "You know that I'm not going to hurt you?" he asked. 

Sucking in a deep breath, she nodded.  Her eyes told a different story.  He kissed her, deeply, with a passion of a Greek God.  "I love you," he whispered.

She nodded again, eyes trained on the red cloth in his hand.  He held it out then quickly blindfolded her.  She gasped as he tied it behind her head.  Then he stood up, dusting his hands on his jeans.

Her head moved from side to side frantically, searching for him.  Her hands pulled at the restraints.  He watched with interest as her magnificent breasts rose with each breath she took.  He couldn't help himself.  He lent over her body and took one nipple in his mouth.  She gasped as his tongue flicked the delicate little bud.  He sucked it into his mouth, watching her body for a response.  He reached over and began kneading the other breast with his hand.

When he stopped, she whimpered, silently pleading for him to continue.  He grinned as she moved restlessly on the bed.  He was teasing her the same way she had teased him.  But this time, he was enjoying it.

He moved in between her legs, parting them with his hands.  He kissed her knees, her inner thighs before moving down to her feet.  He licked her toes, his eyes watching the frustration play out on her face.

He kissed her ankle as he ran his hand over her intimate area.  She was wet with desire and anticipation.  He slipped a finger into her body and she moaned.  He almost did too.  She was tight.  She was warm.  She was wet.  He slipped a second finger into her as he kissed her upper thigh and along the pubic bone.

She squirmed under his touch.  He stopped what he was doing, withdrawing from her.  She cried out in frustration and he silently chuckled. 

Her body was prime.  It begged for release.  He moved up beside her head and kissed her. 

She pulled away.  "You bastard!" she breathed.  Jon smiled.  She could curse him all she wanted but he was in charge.  He was in control. 

He sat down in a chair next to the bed and just watched her.  She turned her head, listening for any sign of him.  "Jon?" she called out after a few minutes.  "Jon?  Where are you?"

"Right here, love," he responded, scooting to the edge of the chair.  "I haven't gone anywhere."  To prove it, he reached over and tugged one of her nipples lightly.

"How can I make it better?" he asked, dusting a kiss on her collarbone, before tracing a line with his tongue down to her belly ring.  She jumped at his touch.  There was only one thing on her mind. 

"Please, let me come," she pleaded.
"Since you asked so nicely." 

He moved back in between her thighs and ran his tongue over her throbbing clitoris.  She threw her head back into the pillows, her hands balling into fist as he slid a finger into her wetness.  He sucked on her clit, flicking it inside her every so often to collect her juices, while his finger snaked inside her, pressing all the right buttons.

Sweat glistened on her body as she tried to take back some form of control.  It was too late.  With a sudden cry, she came, her body shaking.

He continued to lap at her pussy, making sure that she enjoyed every minute of her orgasm.  He didn't stop until she begged him to.

He watched as her body relaxed.  She was gasping for air, a pink tinge to her damp skin.  He reached over and removed the blindfold.  Her eyes fluttered open and a slow smile played on her lips. 

"Tease," she said before he kissed her again.


  1. Wow wish this could happen to me

  2. You just described my ex gf - nice work - love reading your stuff