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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fishpond Update

Dear all readers,
Most of you already know of the on-going saga I have had with over the last two-three weeks.  I can safely say that we are nearing the home stretch and I'm am slowly becoming satisfied with the outcome.

Fishpond finally responded to me but not via twitter because they blocked my account.  Yes, you read that right.  Thanks to @Poisoned_Paige I was finally able to communicate with them.  Paige gave them my order numbers and they looked into it, finally sending me an e-mail 6 hours later.  They have apologised profusely for the inconvenience, said that the departments responsable for the credit card e-mails have been told of my dramas, and even pushed my order through, sending 1 out of 4 items within the last 24 hours.  Hell, they even gave me a $5.00 voucher for the trouble that's been caused.

Reagrding the affiliate that you'll notice has been taken down from here, I will be returning it to the site in the next few hours.  I am satisfied with their explinations, however there is still the matter of me being out of pocket.  They are looking into this now as is my bank.  Fingers crossed I get a result soon.

I am still waiting for my other orders.  So far out of a total of 6 products, I've received 1.  I'm optomistic though because the others are due by the end of this week.

Will I use Fishpond again?  Possibly.  If you had of asked me that yesterday, I would have said not a chance in hell.  They do have thousands of items that I cannot get in the shops.  But it will be a long time before I even consider getting anything from them again.


  1. They could have at least given you the items in the open order for free. They fucked you around. I won't be using them

  2. Glad everything is sorted with them but that wasn't right of them to block your account - they could have at least asked what the problem was first. I won't be using them anytime soon. Not until I hear of how this 'saga' as you put it ends.