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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rendezvous - Part Two

I didn't think I could be in any more ecstasy.  But here you were promising me the moon, the Earth and the stars. 

Looking over my shoulder at you, I smile slyly.  "Pretty cocky, aren't you?" I tease, shooting you my best sultry look.  You chuckle, standing up.  You're still rivaling the Empire State Building as you climb out of the bath.  I watch as you dry your body and wrap a towel around your waist.  Your erection isn't concealed by the terrycloth towel.

You hold out your hand, allowing me to stand.  You aid me out of the bath and begin drying my body.  My breasts, my thighs, my ass, my arms.  I watch as you drop to your knees as your hand rubs over my stomach.  "You missed a spot," I tease.

Looking up at me, you smile, pressing the towel between my legs.  My eyes close as you gently rub.  The sensation of my skin and the towel is enough to bring me to the brink of an orgasm, but just before the explosion that I've come to know and love, you stop, getting to your feet.

I let out a whine of frustration.  You just chuckle, discarding my towel to the bathroom floor. 

You take my hand and lead me out into the hotel room.  There's not much to see except that it's a hotel room.  There's a bed, a minibar, a television.  Nothing abnormal.  There's a small door leading onto a balcony to which you happily lead me outside. 

Conscious of my nakedness, I bring my arms up, folding them across my breasts.  You rip your towel off, handing it to me, and sit in the chair that is provided by the inner city hotel.  You pat you lap to which I arch an eyebrow.  "Come take a seat, princess," you say.

Awkwardly, I shuffle over to you.  Before I have a chance to position myself, you pull me down on your lap, with me facing away from you. 

I gasp as you fill me.  My hand grasps the towel as your hands grasp my hips.  I turn to look at you, my eyes wide. 

I murmur your name as I begin to ride you, my hips slowly grinding on your throbbing cock.  You release one hand from my hip and reach for the towel.  You place it behind you so it won't fly away in the evening breeze.

Feeling exposed I keep my chest covered as I rock against you.  You don't want this.  Reaching around, you grab my wrists, breaking my coverage and pulling my arms down beside my body.  The gentle breeze teases my nipples until they're hard like diamonds.

"Keep your arms there," you command, dusting kisses along my shoulder.  I shiver but nod my head.  I see your hand snake around my body, rubbing one of my nipples before tweaking it.  I gasp and shudder as I can feel the heat rising between us. 

You hand snakes down the plain of my belly before stopping to play with my belly ring.  I know exactly what you have planned.  Before your hand goes any lower, I grab it. 

Before I know what is happening, you've pushed me off your lap and bent me over the railing of the balcony.  You slapped your hand against my ass hard, leaving a red mark.  I cry out, more in surprise then pain.  I realized my mistake.  I shouldn't have tried to stop you.

You kiss me, turning my body around in your arms, allowing me to face you.  "What do you say?" you asked, your tongue dipping into my ear.  I lower my gaze.  "I'm sorry," I say, sounding more like a school girl then a grown woman.  "Sorry, what?" you ask, cupping my chin in your hand, forcing my head upwards to look you in the eye.  "I'm sorry, sir," I say.

A faint smile plays on your lips.  "Good girl," you say, pressing my back against the railing.  You lift my leg and press your hips against mine, grinding yourself slowly into me.  I grip your shoulder, my nails leaving marks. 

You kiss my forehead as we fuck against the balcony railing.  Sweat covers our bodies and I am no longer worried about us being seen.  Or heard.  I don't think I have ever been this loud.  Not even the passing traffic can drown out my sounds of pleasure.

You kiss my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin, as you pull me closer to your body.  I drag my long black nails down your back, leaving slick marks in the glistening sweat.

I can feel your cock pulsing rhythmically as my hips buck against yours, driving forward, begging for satisfaction.

You groan as you pull out of me.  I feel empty as you take a step back.  My body glistens in sweat with a pink tinge and my hair is wind-blown.  My eyes are still shining brightly as I move a stray strand of hair out of my face. 

I can't handle this teasing so I decide to take matters into my own hands.  Dropping to my knees, I place my mouth over your cock and greedily suck it entirely into my warm mouth.  You gasp, your hand running through my hair.  Using my hands, I begin to stroke you, confident that I can make you explode in a matter of minutes. 

Alternating between my hand, my tongue and my mouth, I glance up at you.  You're eyes are closed.  I smile wickedly and continue my pursuits.  I slip a hand in between my legs, determined to get myself off as well.

Your cock is smooth and hot to touch.  The taste of come fills my mouth as you let out a primal growl.  Eyes not leaving you, I gulp it down as though it was the best tasting milkshake I've ever had.  Truth be told, I'm gagging on the salty texture.

"You naughty girl," you say, helping me to my feet.  "This was suppose to be about you."  I shrug, not at all seeming apologetic for going down on you.

You smack my ass as I walk past you, heading back inside the room.  I let out a cry as you follow, promising to punish me.  With a cute, coy smile I let out a giggle.  "Yes, Master," I say as the towel we left on the balcony is floated into the inner city by a gust of wind.

To be continued . . .         


  1. You're on a roll. This was hot. I can't wait for part three.

  2. Loved the first one, loved this one and can't wait to see what else you can create.